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Kenyan bands Sauti Sol and Just a Band thrill at the SWSX in Austin, TX

Posted by Administrator on March 19, 2012

Kenya’s Sauti Sol thrilled crowds in Austin, TX over the weekend when they brought a power-packed set from Nairobi. With cool shades, flashy clothes, and provocative dance moves, Sauti Sol gave us a taste of what native Kenyan performance art is all about.

The spirit of their performance was very masculine and aggressive. The men sang with their chests erect and eyes locked on the crowd. They had choreographed dance moves that ranged from full-body to pelvic-only, daring the audience to peel their eyes away from the stage. It was very flashy. Check out a video below.

Another Kenyan band who showcased their music at SXSW was Just a Band. We will get you the video of their performance at the SWSX festival a little later. In the meantine, listen to the single that put them on the map, “Ha He.”



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