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Kenyan woman in Sweden convicted of drowning her two sons

Posted by Administrator on March 19, 2012

Grace Nyambura Kamau who was convicted of murdering her two sons in Sweden.

Grace Nyambura Kamau who was convicted of murdering her two sons in Sweden.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, March 19 (UPI) — A  31-year-old mother who admitted pushing her two young sons into a lake and  watching them drown was convicted of murder Monday in Stockholm, Sweden.

Grace Nyambura Kamau of Kenya was sentenced to closed psychiatric care and  deportation.

The Attunda District Court ruled she was guilty of murder rather than  manslaughter because she had planned the killings a week before pushing  4-year-old Elias and 8-year-old Tevin into the water in a swimming area near  Sigtuna last September, the Swedish news agency TT reported.

“Tevin didn’t scream but Elias screamed for a long time. It was loud and he  shouted ‘no, no, no,'” the mother said during interrogations.

The single mother, who had moved to Swden a few years earlier and allegedly  was experiencing financial problems, had become emotionally unstable prior to  the incident.

She also said she had planned to drown herself.

“We were all supposed to die,” she said.

The court ordered her sent to a psychiatric hospital where, held since her  arrest, medical examinations confirmed she has serious mental health problems,  TT reported.

Source: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2012/03/19/Mother-convicted-of-drowning-2-sons/UPI-43971332198300/#ixzz1pcGbYz1X


12 Responses to “Kenyan woman in Sweden convicted of drowning her two sons”

  1. hans said

    Did you really have to kill those innocent boys, wasnt there any other way than taking their lives, thats sick and unforgivable….

    • Jada said

      Sick..the woman has mental issues ..SHE’S VERY SICK ….Don’t judge her ..I work w/mental cases & she’ll need alot of psychiatric help which u & I aren’t offering.

      • sokwemtu4 said

        Jada do you know her or are your comments just general. I would to know whether what you said is real or you are just making a general comment before I make any comments.

      • B.K said

        Jada has a strong point. Sokwemtu4. Hence the court (and all others in such cases) order the accused to psychiatric testing before ANY adjudication. So get off her back and stop your theatrics.

  2. Honestly, we need prayers, but what’s happening with Kikuyu women these days???

  3. pat said

    I dont think we should be bias of any tribe when it comes to problems facing our society and if a woman can do that then we need to ask ourselves”what’s really wrong with humanity?”

  4. kimotho njeri said

    Stress is not the problem she could have gone to the hospital for help,your own children .prayers needed.pepo wewe.

  5. Jacque said

    Very true Pat,its not about tribe or anything.We are all human beings…Lets not blame her for we dont know what she was going through

  6. stephanie said

    first on the list as we have been told she is a single mother. She is the father too in that household.My opinion is that she saw that she has failed her children by not making ends meet.Where is the husband or the father (if not diseased)?It is just our responsibility in the society which makes as fail others.So please everyone, anywhere lets take care of our children, lets not burden one parent, if we do, this will always be the result in many different ways.Am saying this as a single mother. IT IS NOT EASY BEING A SINGLE PARENT, esp the other is out there doing their own thing.
    Thanks .

  7. Beatie Bix. said

    We know how hard and expensive life is in the diaspora. She was suffering mentally. Something is happening to families living abroad.
    I only wish they could have someone too talk to.

  8. Nairobian said

    No psychiatric testing necessary on this one. Anyone who has the guts to kill an innocent child (leave alone two) is definately “very sick”.

    This is a classic victim of mental illness.

    What Grace and her family needs is prayers.

    May the good Lord have mercy on her poor soul.

    This is very unfortunate.

  9. pwincate said

    dont charge her if youve never been in the diaspora i am and life is hell

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