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Family in Thika mourn Kenyan woman who died in Dubai month after brutal attack

Posted by Administrator on March 21, 2012

The Late Esther Mwikamba

The Late Esther Mwikamba

A family in Thika is mourning the death of their daughter, killed by rogues in Dubai. Three men attacked Esther Wanjiru after she tried to stop a man from touching one of her friends indecently. In a tragic turn of events, her mother instantly suffered a stroke when she got news of her daughters passing and as Sheila Sendeyo reports, this is the latest incident pointing to Kenyans suffering mistreatment abroad.


3 Responses to “Family in Thika mourn Kenyan woman who died in Dubai month after brutal attack”

  1. ndegwa said


  2. ras shei said

    the hague should look into these many crimes against kenyan citizens, there should also b an economical boycott to products from dubai.

  3. James Chege said

    When men beat up a woman with an intent to harm or kill her, then the society dies. Even in war times, women and children were never touched. Of course the current socities we leave in have lost that ethical virtue. Can u imagine if this were a U.S. citizen? When you have a society like that in Dubia where they disreguard women like secondhand human begins it tells alot. This shouldn”t be happening any where in the world regardless. I hope Kenya puts pressure on Dubia to exercise the full hand of law to bring those savages to the maximum sentence so as to set an example to the rest of those would be “men” who treat women like objects. I hope and pray for the family of Esther that they have peace and that our good God send his spirit to touch the hearts of “men” to be real men and act with kindness and grace cos we all came from a WOMAN. Imagine for nine months she gave her all so one day her son becomes a man not an animal. The struggle starts and for all those innocent souls lost in Dubia so young and brutally may their blood come to haunt the injust forces and make them suffer.

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