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Estranged wife of Moi son demands Sh100m

Posted by Administrator on March 22, 2012

The estranged wife of Mr Philip Moi has demanded Sh100 million.

Ms Rossana Pluda says she wants the money as well as a house that he had offered to give her.

Ms Pluda says she would consider a home in Runda provided it does not cost less than Sh60 million.

The demands are contained in a letter written by her lawyers, Judy Thongori and Company Advocates. The letter is addressed to Mr Moi’s lawyers, Ondieki and Ondieki Advocates.

Last week, Mr Moi’s lawyer told the High Court that he was considering securing a home for Ms Pluda so as to settle their marriage dispute.

In response, Ms Pluda’s lawyer said that her client was ready to consider any substantial offer.

On March 16, Mr Moi’s lawyer wrote to Ms Pluda’s lawyer giving details of the proposed settlement.

In the letter, the son of retired President Daniel arap Moi proposes to give Ms Pluda, his estranged wife “a decent home” along Ngong Road, in South C, Kileleshwa or Runda.

The appropriate house shall be identified by Mr Moi or his representative, and the warrant of arrest issued against him lifted, the letter proposes.

Mr Moi also proposes that their divorce issues shall be resolved without excessive use of the media.

He would continue supporting their children in education, healthcare and general welfare, the letter states. He also proposes that their children should live with a parent of their choice.

A letter from Ms Pluda’s lawyers dated March 19 says in  response: “Our client would be willing to consider a home in Runda provided that the same will not cost less than Sh60 million.”

Children’s education

She would accept a house in Watamu as an alternative, the letter states, adding: “Our client will also require a sum of Sh100 million to enable her to start a business, pay debts and maintain the children as she waits for the business to pick up.”

Ms Pluda would also require Mr Moi to pay for the children’s education, including in universities overseas, according to the letter.

The couple is engaged in a divorce case at the High Court. They are fighting another case at the Constitutional Court in which Mr Moi is seeking orders to lift a warrant of arrest issued against him.

The warrant was issued by the High Court in the divorce case after a judge found that Mr Moi had defaulted in paying monthly maintenance of Sh250,000 to Ms Pluda.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Estranged+wife+of+Moi+son+demands+Sh100m+/-/1056/1371530/-/6mgoy7/-/index.html


2 Responses to “Estranged wife of Moi son demands Sh100m”

  1. OMAR said

    Are we ready for another Kenyatta, Moi or Kibaki? Here we go again, we talking about Kenyatta, Uhuru, Moi or Kibaki, Raila…! But then what do you expect from these masters of ………!
    But we Kenyans what do we expect from these masters of lie? So, tell us Wanacni,what you want Kenyans to forget before

  2. wanjiku (Mama Njoki) said

    Omar sikuelewi, what do you mean? your comment is hanging, doesn’t make sense here..am sorry..unaamanisha nini? Fafanua..please.

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