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Man divorces ‘illiterate’ wife and marries barmaid

Posted by Administrator on March 25, 2012

KIRINYAGA, Kenya_A primary school teacher in Kirinyaga West   District who  sent his wife packing because she was not well educated has   ended up  marrying a class five school dropout and a mother of three.

Less than a year after marrying his first   wife, the man started  mistreating her, saying she had forced herself on   him while he would  have preferred a wife in gainful employment.

She   refused to go saying after fourth form, her  parents had wanted to take   her for a secretarial course, but the  teacher convinced her not to so   that he could marry her.

“Didn’t you tell me you were already earning and would take care of me and our children?” she had reminded him.


The   truth, however, was that the teacher had met  and fallen in love with a   beautiful teacher from another school whom  he wanted to marry but found   it hard while he still had a wife.

One   night, he taunted her that she was not  beautiful and her education did   not meet his standards so she was just  wasting her time with him.

When she argued back, he beat her up. The next morning, she packed her clothes, took their two-year-old child and left.

Unfortunately, his new found catch refused to get married to him, afraid she would be labeled a home breaker.

This hurt the teacher so much that he went to the bar. One drink led to another and before he knew it, he was drunk.


When   he was leaving for the night he asked the  bar maid to accompany him.   But she declined because there was an older  but wealthier man in the pub   who wanted to go home with her.

Angered   by the putdown, he promised he would even  marry her if she just went to   his house. The sly woman insisted that  they go to her house to pick her   clothes and children and the teacher,  in his drunkenness agreed.

The next morning, the teacher could not   believe his  eyes when he woke up next to a strange woman and heard three   children  playing happily in his house.

He tried to force her out but she refused adamantly. When he realised he was getting late for the school, he left her.

She   has remained put and during the day, she  chews miraa and goes to the   nearby pub to drink keg beer, making the  teacher a laughing stock in the   village.

Source: The Standard


12 Responses to “Man divorces ‘illiterate’ wife and marries barmaid”

  1. hahahahahahaaaaa….fooolishnessssssssssssssssssss

  2. mtangwa said

    Eeeeh, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,aaaaaaah,,,%&*#@$&+&%,,,,am trying to merit this story, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,eeeeeeh is it supposed to be in a drunkard forum? Ooooh no, Am not sure, but it should not be here.

  3. Safi said

    This teacher has made mistakes like some more exceedingly educated clowns. This is a sobering wake up call for him and he obeys the call, he will sober up and at the end of the day have the “last laugh.”

  4. Peter Waweru said

    hii ni kubaaafu tu wht goes around always comes around……

  5. sokwemtu4 said

    Did he mean that she was not “educated in bed” or was he literal. The barmaid being a barmaid could be more “educated ” in bed than the real wife. This is my assumption as I try to see anything that would make sense in this story.

  6. Jay Kay said

    Ok you pipo ought to go easy on me, besides the three kids needed a father figure and the barmaid needed a man she can call her own, Hahaha on u. l got the kids and a wife some of u have no wife no kids, joke on u not me.

  7. wanjiku (Mama Njoki) said

    Another fairy tale..hadithi uongo mtupu!! Thanks for posting this humorous entertaining piece, however, somewhat a dry joke…at the same time..mie huyooooo!

    • faith said

      Being a barmaid is a job like any other and the man wanted a working woman. He got his wishes though this is plentyt of BS

  8. Mama Watoto said

    Another reason to go to school…. This sounds like a wamabuku tale….. Wacha akae na barmaid.. Ngoro iriaga kiria ikwenda…

  9. cherono said

    So when did he discovered that she was uneducated? before he married her or after developing feelings for other women? She is a form four graduate…and that alone qualifies her to be educated in my opinion.

  10. Tabby said

    Stupidity, he does not deserve his real wife and now he got what he wanted. What a shame and a looser he is.

  11. J ROPE said

    That’s marriage under the influence( MUI ). Serves him right after wasting the first wife’s time .

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