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Mother to Kenyan woman who succumbed to injuries in Dubai now improving after suffering from a stroke

Posted by Administrator on March 25, 2012

Hannah Mwikamba who suffered froma stroke after learning from doctors that nothing more could be done for her daughter Esther.

Hannah Mwikamba who suffered froma stroke after learning from doctors that nothing more could be done for her daughter Esther.

Dubai: The condition of assault victim Esther Wanjiru Mwikamba’s mother, Hannah, who suffered from a minor stroke last week has improved in the past two days, Gulf News has learnt.

If her recovery continues, she will be discharged from Rashid Hospital in the next few days to allow her to bring her daughter’s remains home to Kenya.

Hannah suffered a minor stroke on March 17 and was admitted to Rashid Hospital upon learning that doctors could no longer save her daughter, Esther who was then in a coma.

For 31 days, Esther, a sales clerk who was brutally assaulted in a parking lot in Dubai, fought for her life at the hospital’s intensive care unit, but eventually succumbed to head injuries at 8am on March 20.

Hannah’s blood pressure remained consistently high in the days following Esther’s passing.

Earlier, Kenyan Ambassador to the UAE Mohammad Abdo Jillos said that repatriation of Esther’s body can only be done once Hannah is well as that is the protocol.

Esther’s remains were brought to the Dubai Police Forensic Science and Criminology Department earlier this week to determine the cause of her death.

During a visit at Rashid Hospital, Gulf News saw Hannah use a walker while walking. Nurses said that the support provided by the frame has been “good for her and will keep her stable.”

Hannah has also been receiving therapy for her left arm and leg, which had become numb.

“I can now feel my left cheek, left arm and left leg. But there is some pain in my left arm when I move it. And both my knees hurt, too,” Hannah, 45, told Gulf News. “But God is good. I am now better than yesterday. I am trying very hard to become stronger so I could take my Esther back home in Kenya where we could lay her to rest,” she added.

Community support

The Kenyan Welfare Association has assured the Mwikamba family of their support on legal matters should they need them.

Members of the local Kenyan community continue to visit Hannah to offer their condolences and prayers for the Mwikamba family.

A compatriot devotes at least three hours of her time in the afternoon to massage the numb part of Hannah’s body. This, Hannah said, has helped her a lot.

But of all the people Hannah would like to see, is the 24-year-old Emirati who allegedly beat up her daughter. The suspect has been in police custody and has not been granted bail since the incident took place on February 18.

“I want to see him with my own eyes. I want to ask him why he killed my baby. Why?” Hannah said as tears roll down her eyes, her small hands balling into fists. “But I don’t want death for him. No, not death. I want him to live because I know God is in charge,” she added.

Hannah also appealed to authorities to give justice to her daughter. She also begged to seek audience with His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

The case is at present pending with the Dubai Public Prosecution.

The suspect has been charged with “assault which led to death” which is a serious crime punishable by the Federal Penal Code whose maximum punishment could go up to 10 years in jail.

The defendant was likewise accused of sexually harassing the victim’s friend.

Source: http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/emergencies/condition-of-slain-sales-clerk-s-mother-improves-1.999219


2 Responses to “Mother to Kenyan woman who succumbed to injuries in Dubai now improving after suffering from a stroke”

  1. J. ROPE said

    Hannah, we’re praying for your quick recovery . God is good and able all the time.

  2. James Chege said

    Pole mum and may the good lord have mercy on you and to guide and give you the strength to carry on. Thank you to the Kenyan society in Dubai, it shows that Esther was a force and a great human begin. I agree that more should be done to bring justice to Esther”s case and for the family to be compensated 100% financially. God bless Esther”s family and to all good and decent Kenyan society in Dubai. I support you all 100%. Shei wa Ziwa. Enough is enough as injustice to one is injustice to ALL.

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