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Video-Strength of a Woman: Catherine Kasavuli

Posted by Administrator on March 25, 2012

STRENGTH OF A WOMAN: TV personality Catherine Kasavuli turns 50.


3 Responses to “Video-Strength of a Woman: Catherine Kasavuli”

  1. Jay Kay said

    She was my first kiss. She was a 20 something cute tv anchor while l was a teenager. All alone with her in our Dinning Hall. I gave her a quick kiss. Did l mention she was on tv when we kissed?

  2. Sophia said

    It was annonuncers like Catherine Kasavuli, Eddy Fondo, Leni Mwashengwa, Kazungu Katana, Abdul Haq, Elizabeth Obege, John Obongo Jr, and others like Leonard mambo Mbotela, PP Mwai Wa Githinji, in mid 70s and 80s who ignited and united the youth and reminded them that they were Kenyans first, despite their leaders telling them otherwise. They brought us joy with entertainment never seen these days. It is true Kasavuli had gone through alot. Happy Birthday Catherine, I will be Hamsa too, soon.

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