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From SOS Child to Lawyer

Posted by Administrator on March 27, 2012

Caroline becomes the first female laywer from the SOS Kenya family.

Caroline becomes the first female laywer from the SOS Kenya family.

SOS Success Story: Caroline, now 26, graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Law degree from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, one of the local universities in Kenya. She has been doing an internship at one of the Nairobi law courts, where she has been gaining experience. “I am not only a lawyer now,” she proudly says, “I am also an advocate. I’m already representing people in court.”


Caroline’s mother died when she was two and she was placed in the care of her grandmother. Her grandmother struggled looking after her so Carline was admitted into the SOS Children’s Village in Buru Buru, Nairobi.

She recalls how help by SOS Children’s Villages has not only given a meaning to her life, but has also given her the chance to become a confident and successful young woman.

“My SOS Mother has always been very supportive. She gave me love and affection, encouragement and comfort. She was always there for me, through good and bad times.” She points out how education played a big role in her young years. “When I was about ten years old, I used to engage in school debates. All of us students and the teacher would discuss issues like women’s and girl’s rights. I loved it. I remember it like yesterday when my teacher said to me that one day I would be a good lawyer. During those years at school, I acquired a sense of discipline, which helped me a lot during my studies.”

In the past, Caroline used to suffer from Keratoconus, a progressive eye disease. “Even then, SOS Children’s Villages helped me out,” she says. “I was successfully operated on in both my left and right eye and SOS Children’s Villages paid for everything. My eyes are now perfect and I don’t even use my glasses anymore.”

Quite often, Caroline goes back to the village to meet her younger siblings. “They look up to me as their mentor,” she says. “Now many of them tell me they want to become a lawyer like me.”

During Christmas and Easter time, she also goes upcountry, to visit her mother and a few relatives.

“I always think about my past. Had it not been for SOS Children’s Villages, I would have been a destitute child, with no future ahead.”

Caroline’s dream is to do a master’s in human rights. “I want to become a well-known lawyer and I know I am good at standing up for people’s rights. I want to pay my debt of gratitude to my SOS Mother and the Village community for the precious care they gave me. The time I spent with SOS Children’s Village will never be forgotten.”

“In a few weeks,” she proudly adds, “I will be a practicing barrister lawyer. Wait and see, I will be the first female lawyer in the whole of SOS Kenya’s youth family.”

Source: http://www.sos-usa.org/newsroom/press-releases/Pages/From-SOS-Child-to-Lawyer.aspx


5 Responses to “From SOS Child to Lawyer”

  1. Kate said

    Great! the future is bright for you dear! B blessed!

  2. kuku said

    She goes upcountry to visit her mother;her mother died when she was 2.Did the writer proof read ?

    • Netia said

      I think the writer meant grandmother. ION; these are the kind of ladies who make good wives, wamekula hardship sana na wanajua kule wametoka! Anybody got her contacts? 🙂

  3. ANN said

    No proof reading needed, SOS is an organization that takes care of orphans using a family based model. A village comprises of many family houses, and each family has a mother taking care of the children. Thus, Caroline has an SOS mother who is not necessarily her biological mother.

  4. james mutegi said

    KEEP IT UP CAROLINE WA HOUSE 2 I AM impressed by that!!

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