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Search for greener pastures turns nasty for Kiambu girl

Posted by Administrator on April 2, 2012

In what appears to be a rule rather than the exception, a woman from Githunguri in Kiambu county is nursing injuries at the Kenyatta National Hospital after she was tortured by her employer as she was working in Lebanon. Veronica Wambui who came back to the country claims that she was repeatedly assaulted by her employer for no reason at all. This just perhaps the latest of such incidents, in a country that has seen a migration of young women every year to the rich countries in the east in search of gainful employment due to rising unemployment levels. NTV’s Sheila Sendeyo has that report.


One Response to “Search for greener pastures turns nasty for Kiambu girl”

  1. J. ROPE said

    Arabs countries are all the same, young Kenyans have gone through alot of torture. I personally feel that instead of struggling to pay the agency, visa and airticket to those destinations this sum adds up to a reasonable ammount of money that Wambui could have used for a bussiness in Kenya than suffering in foreign countries. Some women left those countries with fatal injuries. Very sad indeed, quick recovery Veronica . I’m confident that you’ll still make it in Kenya.

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