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Pastor Wilson “Mrefu” Relocating to Kenya

Posted by Administrator on April 4, 2012

Pastor Wilson Kiarie a.k.a Mrefu who is relocation to Kenya after being in the US for 22 years

Pastor Wilson Kiarie a.k.a Mrefu who is relocation to Kenya after being in the US for over 10 years

Pastor Wilson Kiarie, after being in America for over ten years is now returning to Kenya. Pastor Wilson previously served with Christ Covenant Church Missouri and most recently Empowerment Christian Center, Farmers Branch,.

Pastor “Mrefu”, as he is commonly known, has been a blessing and source of encouragement to many he encountered with, and will be fondly remembered for his humor and service in the word of God. Wherever he went, regardless of the occasion, “Mrefu”, made sure he invited people to church, keen to reflect the Christ in him.

Pastor Wilson will be joining his wife at Mbaruk Covenant Church in Nakuru, Kenya where they will be ministering together.

“I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to serve the Kenyan church community here in the United States in the capacity that I have, but my mission here is now over, and it’s time to return and minister to our people in Kenya” he told this writer.

His friends have organized, in his honor, a farewell and thanksgiving fellowship on 21st April, 2012 at Empowerment Christian Center, 12879 Josey Lane, Suite 130, Farmers Branch, TX 75234 at 5:00PM.

Your prayers, presents and presence will be highly appreciated. Come let’s celebrate, eat and pray together, as we bid this man farewell. Should you be unable to attend and wish to bid him farewell, you can call him at (214) 218 – 7171 or email.


26 Responses to “Pastor Wilson “Mrefu” Relocating to Kenya”

  1. joe said

    Will miss you Pastor Wilson. I enjoyed talking to you in the mornings at HS. Kenya also needs great people like you who are willing to go back and contribute to the growth of our motherland.Best wishes.


  2. lawrence said

    I surely will miss …. Yu .. I remember everyday interactions at healthsouth. You oriented me n makes me proud of you …. Service to the people of God is really rewarding here n in heaven… May you prosper and succeed in all your efforts may your fruits..grow and ..remember.,Psalms 125 ……, God bless you in all you do ……….Lawrence k

  3. kiptoo said

    presents and presence = am out

  4. J. ROPE said

    Pastor, safiri salama kwa jina la Yesu. Your absense in TX will be felt by many people including myself, but your presense in Mbaruk( Kenya) will be a blessing to your family as well. East or west home is the best pastor.

  5. cherono said

    May our good lord use you mighty in kenya pastor. Thanks for allowing the lord to use you in TX. May he be your stronghold and your refuge as you take on a new assignment.

  6. Paul M.Macharia said

    St.Louis was a home for you, and will still be home when you come to visit. Your most welcome for a vacation or to minister in St.Louis,Missouri.
    Your to be absent in US is to be Present with your beutiful wife Jane and family, go and Enjoy the New Kenya!!
    Rev.Paul M.Macharia-St.Louis, Missouri.

    • Prophetess Kirwa said

      Rev. Paul, the Lord thou speakeath, better take an evening grammar class.
      The Devil is Leading yeah astray in Ignorance, ama andika na gikuyu!

    • Oluchinjinux1972 said

      Kwani akija kuhubiri marekani, hakujua ameacha wife yake Kenya? Paul kwenda huko, i can read between the lines na vyenye nieelewa, you are trying to call out those “pastors” who are hear yet their wives are in Kenya..waishie to join them…meaning…your absence in USA is a “blessing” to get back to your wife??? Fishhyy…what are way of saying whoooshhh..thats one less competition going…thegiu jehova…lol!!!!

  7. Shiku said

    Safiri salama Pastor, safiri salama. God bless you as you return home and hope we will see you again in TX when you come to visit.

  8. denni said

    We will surely miss you Pastor! Now reality of your absence is starting to kick.May God be with you till we meet again

  9. POKO said

    eeeh..why the persistent announcing that he is leaving?

    JUST GO!!!

    You did not tell us you were coming. Ni mchango natafuta?

    • beth said

      You are sick poko and you represent minority even among silly world.pastor is a leader and he has his followers.you are are not one . he did is announcing to his friends and his followers .not anything that is written here has anything to do with you.you need to read and respond what concerns you and and leave others get positive info without always poisoning.Good luck pastor and there is nothing wrong even asking for money.Kenyans are good people and you will still get generous Kenyans who have money to live and give.

      • POKO said

        oh please Beth: this has been posted over and over. This pastor is whose leader? Left wife at home for 10 years….huh…so he came to save Americans right? he could have tried uganda u know, but 1 KES=2350 Ugandan shilling….naaah, better be in $1= 80 KES.

        Who are we kidding?

        Dont blame me for my brains, let me educate you on how to think.

      • beth said

        poko i apologize for challenging your statement.i think you are wise.After more review to the whole story i ask my self how one can one claim to has been veteran preacher in Dallas and US for 10 yrs and only be seen and heard by majority of us when exiting back home. anybody has the count of how many pastors we have at DFW .

      • Beatrice Luvale said

        this is not the first pastor to go back, do they have to announce over and over, most of the pastors sorry to say are even going to campaign for MP positions coz they know they will make 1Million shillings. Am just sick of them trying to make money out of those who are working so hard. We need preachers in Kenya as well. How can you leave your wife for 10yrs and what kind of teaching wld you deliver to those who come for marriage counseling?

        lets try to be honest and not just to the community but to God as well.

        exit the way you entered


    • Oluchinjinux1972 said

      Very WELL STATED Poko! AAIIISShhhhhh! To come was your decision and to leave should be your decision, why waste energy. All the best in Kenya.

  10. Don Carlos said

    @Leo. LOL stands for Laughing Out Loud. What is LOUND???? Are U from Limuru??
    Anyway all the best for an Annointed Man of God.

  11. Oluchinjinux1972 said

    Few Kenyans so many Kenyan churches and Kenyan pastors, what a money minting business, easy way to make money off hard working sleepless Kenyans backs!! Hata mimi nitafungua yangu..The New Movement Resurrection Super Covenant Great Diaspora Church. And will call myself “The Most Bishop Right Reverend Popular Oluchinji” watch this page…

    • UglyBetty said

      the last i heard about this guy, he was fighting with his room over a can of milk?
      Ati yeye pastor?, Wow pas that Heineken please.

    • Beatrice Luvale said

      i love it, let me know when you open, i will be collecting money . Do you know that these pastors or Bishops are building mansions back home, i know of 2 who even claim how poor they are yet they fly home 3-4 times ayear, ati wanalipiwa ticket, give me a break

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