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Pope defrocks Kenyan priest who got married

Posted by Administrator on April 6, 2012

Archbishop Peter Kairo announced the Vatican position. Photo | JOSEPH KANYI

Archbishop Peter Kairo announced the Vatican position. Photo | JOSEPH KANYI

A former Catholic priest from the Nyeri archdiocese in Central Kenya was yesterday defrocked by the Vatican after he broke the vow on celibacy by getting married.

Quoting orders from Rome, Archbishop Peter Kairo of Nyeri said Fr Peter Njogu Kibutu was no longer a Catholic priest.

He read Njogu’s letter of dismissal from Rome to the congregation attending mass at the Nyeri Our Lady of Consolata Catholic Church yesterday.

The letter pointed out that  the priest accepted to be ordained by the controversial Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo and that he no longer upheld celibacy after he got married.

But in a quick rejoinder, Fr Kibutu who is now a bishop of the Renewed Universal Church following the ordination by Milingo stated that he is no longer a Roman Catholic saying he left the church seven years ago.

Archbishop Kairo in his message to the church said priests were supposed to maintain their priestly calling while Christians were supposed to be faithful in their Christian calling.

He said it was important for the strengthening of the church and the family structures.

Source: http://www.africareview.com/News/Pope+defrocks+Kenyan+priest+over+marriage/-/979180/1381170/-/uqvvwv/-/index.html


2 Responses to “Pope defrocks Kenyan priest who got married”

  1. TSHOMBE said

    Which way to go for the catholic clergy…get married and let celibacy slide-by or get castrated in order to uphold celibacy? Seemingly its not easy to have it both ways.

  2. Kangemi said

    I live in a U.S. area whose local University hosts a few East African young male priests at any one time. Several of them never hide the fact that dating on the side is in the cards for them….and yes, this problem is not limited to the Catholic faith as Evangelical and Muslim leaders have compromised their committment vows too. As a man and a human, I cannot imagine a vow of celibacy….that would be rough!

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