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Ongeri denies being part of alleged plot to kill Raila

Posted by Administrator on April 8, 2012

I cannot commit such heinous crimes, Ongeri says /FILE

I cannot commit such heinous crimes, Ongeri says /FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya April 8 – Foreign Affairs Minister Prof Sam Ongeri denied on Sunday he is part of an alleged plot to eliminate Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Prof Ongeri said he was consulting with his lawyers with a view to taking action on Gem Member of Parliament Jakoyo Midiwo who linked him to the alleged assassination plot on Saturday when he spoke at a funeral service in Bondo.

Ongeri who spoke at a function in his constituency on Sunday afternoon said he is a believer and his profession does not allow him to engage in the alleged plot.

“I save lives and not terminate it. My professional code of ethics and religious beliefs do not allow me to plot to kill,” Ongeri said.

Midiwo made the claims at a funeral service in Bondo on Saturday and was later picked up by detectives who wanted him to substantiate the claims but was freed later and ordered to report to the CID headquarters on Tuesday.

“I was in Serena to propagate for peace. How can I be the one to commit such heinous crimes? I stand for the same peace,” Ongeri said.

Midiwo is due to record a statement with the CID on Tuesday to enable them investigate the claims.

Police expect the Gem MP to provide them with details of the alleged assassination plot, people involved and how he learnt of it.

Detectives will then analyse the information and they are likely to also write statements from the people named by Midiwo if they find it necessary to do, depending on their findings.

“The case has been moved to Nairobi, we will hand them a preliminary report of the investigation so they can proceed,” a senior officer at the Nyanza Provincial police headquarters told Capital News.

When Midiwo made the sensational allegations at the funeral of Dr Lehiah Godi in Bondo, he also implicated Prof Ongeri.

He claimed the move is a wide plot by Odinga’s opponents to sail through in the coming elections.

Odinga who was also present at the burial ceremony urged his supporters not to panic over the allegations because his “time to die will come and pass.”

Cabinet Ministers James Orengo (Lands), Dalmas Otieno (Public Service), and Anyang Nyong’o (Medical Services) asked the government to investigate the allegations because the matter “can not be taken lightly.”

Source: http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2012/04/ongeri-denies-being-part-of-alleged-plot-to-kill-raila/


2 Responses to “Ongeri denies being part of alleged plot to kill Raila”

  1. If Odinga is killed and police ask any one with any information that can lead to arrest the main culprits supriisingly no one come forward even if a reward is offered. A sensitive information like this should be reported to police and not in the funeral places, our politicians should know to speak what they ought to speak at the right place

  2. Herb said

    With history of previous, and unresolved assassinations (J.M, Ouko etc),any claim of assassination,regardless of political affliation, should be investigated thoroughly.

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