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Posted by Administrator on April 8, 2012

The West and many other donor Nations should stop encouraging corruption in the poor developing Nations, especially those in Africa which are already suffering from poor Governance.


The West and other Nations which have been sending a lot of assistances

in form of grants and loans to Africa, have all along known that most of the

assistances have not been making any differences because it has not been reaching the ground.


Most of the assistance given to Africa has always been stolen and

returned back to the same donor Nations from where it came.


The Western Nations and other  donor Nations should no longer pretend that they are unaware of the trillions of dollars already looted from the poor Nations in Africa,now lying idle in personal bank accounts abroad, owned by the corrupt African leaders.


It hurts the poor further, when they are overburdened with the repayment of

loans now lying idle in personal foreign bank accounts after being stolen from public coffers, yet more and more loans continued to be given to those same corrupt leaders.


After the late Muammar  Ghadaffi was removed from power, The US announced that he had 30 billion dollars in the USA.  The US stated very clearly that the money had been looted from the Libya public coffers by the late President.


The US had all along been silent over the Ghadaffi loot until he was out of power.  The Western Nations and many other donor Nations in the World are silent over the trillions of dollars  stolen from poor Nations by the corrupt African leaders, already banked in foreign personal bank accounts, as poor human beings continue to languish in abject poverty and unwarranted suffering.


Before more grants and loans are released to the poor Nations where corruption is rampant, a stern action should be taken on the already looted money banked abroad.


The already looted money should be frozen, recovered and returned to the respective poor Nations, after which more grants and loans may be given to those needy Nations.


It  is an encouragement of corruption to both current and future leaders in Africa, if the West and other donor Nations continue to give grants and loans to poor Nations, knowing so well that the money will be looted and returned there.  The West and other donor Nations should freeze, recover and return all the looted public funds banked abroad back to the poor Nations, as a sign of transparency and honesty.


If the Western Nations and other donor Countries cannot do so, they should stop giving any more money to the poor African Nations in the name of helping the poor, but  instead,  release such money in the name of  enriching the corrupt leaders.


Isaac Newton Kinity Former Secretary General

Kenya Civil Servants Union and Chairman

Kikimo Foundation for Corruption and Poverty Eradication.


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