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Colombian girl, 10, gives birth to baby girl

Posted by Administrator on April 9, 2012

Women at the Wayuu tribe

Women at the Wayuu tribe

Doctors delivered the baby by caesarean section after the girl, a member of   the indigenous Wayuu tribe, arrived at a hospital in Manaure in floods of   tears.

The girl, who has not been named, was 39 weeks pregnant when she appeared at   the hospital in pain from contractions and bleeding. It was the first time   doctors had seen the girl during her pregnancy.

After the operation, the mother and baby – a healthy daughter weighing just   5lbs – were said to be “doing well”.

Despite the girl being under age, Colombian laws allow indigenous tribes such   as the Wayuu a degree of self-governance. The tribes maintain their own   sovereignty and cultural traditions.

Giving birth at a young age is said to be typical of Wayuu customs.

The identity of the father has not been revealed, but local media have   suggested it could be a 15-year-old boy, others have claimed it is a   30-year-old man.

The birth has led to fierce debate in the country, with some calling the   practice “shocking”.

Efrain Pacheco Casadiego, director at the hospital where the baby was born,   said: “We’ve already seen similar cases of Wayuu girls. At a time when [the   girls] should be playing with dolls, they go to having to take care of a   baby.”

Others said the tribe’s culture needs to be respected.

“Since it’s a Wayuu girl we are trying to respect all of their rights since   they have autonomy and their own juriostiction,” Alejandro Samplayo,   director of parental organisation Colombiano Bienestar Familiar, said.

The youngest mother in the world was a five-year-old girl called Lina Medina   from Peru in 1933.

Ms Medina, who is now 78, had a son called Gerado by caesarean section.

Gerado died in 1979 aged 40 from bone marrow disease.



2 Responses to “Colombian girl, 10, gives birth to baby girl”

  1. wanjeri said

    There was a Kenyan girl from Nyeri who gave birth at 9 years but due to no good media, probably it was not recorded in mid 1960

  2. Nairobian said

    How does a 9 or 10 yr old get pregnant? Don’t girls start ovulating when they are around 15 or 16? And who is having sex with a 10 yr old? Where are the parents when this is happening???

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