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First Lady Lucy Kibaki is fine, says State House

Posted by Administrator on April 10, 2012

State House has moved to dispel fears over the whereabouts of First Lady Lucy Kibaki.

In a statement, the Presidential Press Service said the First Lady is “fine” and exercising her duties.

The statement was in response to a story carried by Taifa Leo, a sister publication airing readers’ concern over her long absence from the public.

“We would like to assure readers of Taifa Leo that Mama Lucy Kibaki is fine and exercising her duties at State House, Nairobi where the offices of Organisation of African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS are,” the statement said.

The First Lady is the chairperson of OAFLA Kenyan Chapter, and according to PPS, has been busy participating in activities to fight the disease, taking care of the infected and the orphans.

“She has also been been helping other vulnerable children in society and empowering women and the girl child.

“In her operations at OAFLA, now and then and when she deems it fit she has communicated to the media. An example is recently during the International Women’s Day last month when she urged Kenyan women to overcome unhelpful cultural barriers and the fear of loans so as to play their rightful role in national development,” the statement said.

PPS noted that she has continued with activities that do not require involvement of the media such as fighting for the poor “silently”.

State House said the organisation used the offices at NHIF building, Nairobi for two years.

“After that, the offices of OAFLA have been at State House, Nairobi,” PPS said.

“We take this opportunity to thank Taifa Leo for airing the concerns of Kenyans and hope they will publish this explanation to settle down any concerns and speculation.”

The First Lady has demonstrated a liking for Kiswahili and Taifa Leo, the only Swahili newspaper in Kenya. Her statements are always issued with Swahili versions.

The reaction was sent to the newspaper’s editors in Kiswahili.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/First+Lady+is+fine++says+State+House/-/1056/1383592/-/yv0y9i/-/index.html


3 Responses to “First Lady Lucy Kibaki is fine, says State House”

  1. Jay Kay said

    That is real great to know……………………. why dont l feel relieved yet, this news was exciting but l cant feel it

  2. J ROPE said

    Mama Jimy went underground, no madia coverage and no comments for quite along period. Kenyans loves Lucy and her regular noises especially to none performing ministers as if it’s her business.

  3. J ROPE said

    Sorry, wrong spelling. I meant” media “coverage.

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