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A Kenyan Man Has Passed Away in Baltimore, Maryland

Posted by Administrator on April 11, 2012

The Late Justin Marasa

The Late Justin Marasa

It is with deep sorrow and sadness that we announce the sudden death of Justin Marasa which occurred in Baltimore, Maryland on April 9th, 2012.

The late was a dear brother to Dr. Bernard Marasa of Baltimore, Maryland and brother-in-law to Nancy Angwenyi and loving uncle to Watson Marasa and Janelle Marasa of Baltimore, MD. He was a beloved father to Alexander Leland Marasa.

Daily Prayers/Meetings

Family, relatives and friends are meeting daily at Dr. Benard Marasa’s residence: 5205 Saybrook Rd, Baltimore, MD 21206 for prayers starting at 6pm sharp.

Friends and relatives are encouraged to pray for Dr. Marasa’s Family.

Please send your contributions to support transporting the remains to Kenya to:

Bank of America
Account Number: 003936284531
c/o Dr. Bernard Marasa

Memorial Service/Fundraising

The memorial service and main fundraising is scheduled for Saturday April 21st, 2012 at 9600 Pulaski Park Dr, Suite 115, Middle River, Maryland 21220 starting at 4:00pm.

For directions or information please contact the following :

In Maryland:
Dr. Rodgers Mokua: 443-635-0792
Dr. Josephat Omwancha: 419-699-1881
Mr. Sammy Nyamao: 443-983-2630
Dr. Robert Matunda: 443-531-4761
Mr. Zablon Karara: 410-412-6259
Mr. Vincent Mongare: 443-418-7817
Mrs. Damaris Victor: 410-802-4317
Mr. Gitau Njenga: 410-961-1215
Mr. Benard Nyagechi: 410-245-6446
Mr. Josphat Kobia: 443-527-8217
Mr. Steve Mwangi: 443-621-0551
Dr. Jari Raji: 443-622-8592
Pastor Patrick Kibui: 443-527-4556

In New Jersey:
Mr. David Orwochi: 201-920-6611
Mr. Richard Nyamao: 973-454-8830
Mr. Gilbert Monyancha: 201-892-9096

In Minnesota:
Jared Okindo: 952-406-2034

In Texas:
Onditi Mogoba: 682-597-0096

In California:
Dr. Moses Bosire: 510-688-1832


16 Responses to “A Kenyan Man Has Passed Away in Baltimore, Maryland”

  1. dakudads said


  2. Ngatia said

    May God give you strength at this trying time,RIP.

  3. ann said

    They always have children and no wives. Did he give birth?

    • Mwari. said

      My condolences go out deeply to the Marasa family at this time. As for Ann, this isnt the time to display ur ignorance. This is a grieving family, give them some respect. And for anyone else with nonsensical comments, this aint the place to be.Let us support one another in such times.Jehovah, Help us as Kenyans to come to our senses {common one included}.

  4. Jess said

    My condolences to Dr. marasa and his family for such a tragic death of young man who had a great future ahead of him. Our prayers are with you

  5. Kiptoo said

    Pole to the Family………………..
    BUT Phones No.s and Bank account, Fund Raising For what? Family and Friends cannt bury one of their own in Dignity?
    Kenyans Need to STOP this stupidity. A Doctor/ his family/ friends cannt take care of this dead boys body!

    At what time do we become Kenyans with phone no.s and bank accounts? of course when we Die.
    What is the contribution that this dopctor has made to the kenyan diaspora or back home?
    hii sio maendeleo , bure tu!

    • mzee mwingine said

      Kiptoo, you are a south end of a north bound horse!!! How dare you insult a grieving family? A village is missing you somewhere in rift valley……wewe ndio bure kabisa.

    • Wa_Njeri_Ruth said

      The truth hurts…Kudos Kiptoo, umesema ukweli. Kenyans in Diaspora MUST learn to work hard and save, use those savings to help repatriate your bodies home when you die. Wakati unafanya kazi you send miney to your own family. When you die, wanataka wachangiwe. This stupidity now remains with the Kenyans. Come on guyz, some Kenyans wameanza kujiwekea life insurance, where are others????????? ..Thanks Kiptoo! This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed within the Kenyan community a.s.a.p!!

      • When my mother passed away in kenya in 2006 I didn,t ask help from kenyans only few church members visited us. We members of family contributed what we have and buried my mother yet there was hospital bill to paid. My mother had taught us we can do anything together. However it is okay to assist people in emergencies since people may not have enough money even if they are doctors or nurses and kenyans should stop exaggerating cost and say the exact amount needed

      • Gathegi said

        WanJeri, i somewhat agree..i think Kenyans should quit taking advantage of others especially by “abusing” the harambee spirit. Genuine cases need be helped of course!

  6. abiud said

    Kiptoo, Jambo. when you cant help just be silent and pray for the grieving family , this aint the best time for you to toungue rush to a hurting family, dont judge them . kindly

  7. Oluchinjinux1972 said

    1000 dollars each from the 19 folks listed above including the bunch of “doctors” should raise more than $19,000 to repatriate the body back to Kenya. The last time i checked it costs $9,800 2years ago. Mnaomba sana this is too much!!!

  8. kidosh said

    surely i have been in this kind of situation b4 and kenyan came to my rescue i didnt have the money so please lets help where we can we dont know about kesho

  9. jenny said

    For those who comment negatively …lest it befalls you….! I would rather give to a fellow Kenyan than just and know it will help them get home we work way too hard . I lost two very good friends Jan 2 and jan 8th not only was it overwhelming but without us all getting together as a community they would have been buried here easily. No one knows when the time comes…be polite.

    • Oluchinjinux1972 said

      Being buried here in USA is still an option. Who said when you die here you have to be shipped back to Kenya? We have very “colonised” minds of yester years that we cannot adjust with changing times!! Looking into how expensive shipping bodies abroad has become, what about burying the dude here and send the collected funds to their families abroad or whomever theyve left behind here? As someone has noted above, Kenyans you need to buy your own life insurances while you are still able…it cost pennies on the dollar. Wake up people. Stop creeping on peoples back. Everyone is working hard, at least i agree with you there!!!!

  10. jpumzi said

    just buy life insurance you can get 500,000 for $20 bucks a month and when you pass on your loved ones and your body will be taken care of. no need for insults here. tragedy strikes and people need help. may be the DR mentioned above has a PHD an is a humble prof not a medical Doc. i dont know but my prayers are with the family

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