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ICE begins process to deport president’s uncle

Posted by Administrator on April 13, 2012

President Obama’s illegal-alien uncle met yesterday with federal immigration officials, who say they’re pressing ahead with his deportation as he prepares his legal fight to stay in the country.

Onyango Obama, 67, of Framingham will be required to report regularly to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials after their meeting at an undisclosed location, the agency said in a statement.

“ICE met with Mr. Onyango and his attorney today,” ICE spokesman Brian Hale said in a statement yesterday, referring to the president’s uncle by the last name the agency has on file for him. “Pursuant to this meeting, Mr. Onyango will be required to check in regularly with immigration officials pending his removal. Absent a change in his immigration status or any related court proceedings, Mr. Onyango will be required to report to ICE in the coming weeks in order to effectuate his departure from the United States.”

Obama is a Kenyan national who has lived in the U.S. since 1963 and was ordered deported in 1992, after what his attorney said was an unwitting failure to renew his visa. His immigration status was unearthed in August, when a Framingham cop arrested him for drunken driving. In a plea deal last month, he lost his license for 45 days but scored a special “hardship” license just days later, arguing he must drive to his job as a liquor store manager.

Obama’s immigration attorney, Margaret Wong, could not be reached yesterday. Wong helped Obama’s sister, Zeituni Onyango, win asylum in 2010.

Immigration experts have predicted Obama will appeal the 20-year-old deportation order and apply for asylum on the grounds that the Kenyan embassy was bombed by al-Qaeda in 1998, and that hostility toward the U.S. would put the president’s uncle in danger. The Obamas reportedly have hundreds of relatives living in western Kenya.

Source: http://www.myfoxboston.com/dpp/news/local/ice-begins-process-to-deport-presidents-uncle-20120413


8 Responses to “ICE begins process to deport president’s uncle”

  1. sokwemtu4 said

    Kutoka 63 ulikuwa ukifanya nini????? Kukunwa pombe tu. Tafuta mmoja wa hapa sana sana wale sura mbaya na wanono uowe. Pengine this might save you rear end from being removed.

  2. Safi said

    Sokwemtu! Wewe hunishangaza sana kwa sababu karibu maoni yako yote ni ya kisokwe – kinyume cha kibinadamu. Kwa hivyo, usiendelee kujiita Sokwemtu! Uanze kujiitnanga Sokwemtupu.

    • sokwemtu4 said

      Heheheheheheee……..sasa safi nifanye nini? Siwezi kujiumba upya maanake hiyo ni hali iliyo mikononi mwa Maulana.

  3. leo said

    No comment!

  4. joy said

    kweli things are thick here watcha ajipange maybe the same lawyer wong might save him. No telling whats gonna happen as this is an election year.

  5. Netia said

    He came when he was 18 years old, has lived in the US for 49 years…that makes him more American than Kenyan surely! I do not know his story but after all that time in the US he basically has nothing to show for it, its made even worse with the fact that in Kenya he also has nothing. As dirty and disorganized as Kenya is, its still home jameni. Also there is no shame in going back kukiumana…utachekwa na kusengenywa kwa muda mfupi tu baadaye wakucheka watakusahau. Lile ambalo litakutofautisha ni jitihadha zako. Nawafahamu wengi waliorudi na kwa kutumia maarifa na mitandao za urafiki wameweza kujimudu vizuri maishani nchini Kenya.

    • sokwemtu4 said

      Wee Netia,,,,,,naelewa usemacho lakini,c’mon,,,,,,,huyu mjamaa ni mzee. Ni kipi atakacholifanya kujimudu kule jamhuri. Wakati wake umekwisha. Honestly speaking,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,surely,,what was he doing for all these yrs??????????? Liwe funzo jameni kwa vijana wetu ambao wayaharibu maisha yao kwa pombe na madawa bila kifikiria ya kesho.

      • Gathegi said

        I agree with you 100%. The problem with most Kenyans is avoiding telling the truth as it is, trying to be politically correct!! If you are living abroad for more than 10 years and yet you have nothing to show for it,abroad or in Kenya, then something is wrong with you. When caught by authorities ( as in wewe ni illegal) pack your ass and try your luck back in jamhuri. Otherwise who will finance your legal options???????

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