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Kenyan man crushed to death in accident at auto repair shop in Delaware

Posted by Administrator on April 16, 2012

A Kenyan man is dead and State Police are investigating after an accident at a repair shop in Newark.

Troopers say around 9:30 Friday night, 31-year-old Nicholas Njenga of Middletown and another employee at Savanna Auto Care were working on the hydraulic lift gate of a company truck.

Troopers say Njenga was on the lift gate when the other employee went under the truck to do some troubleshooting. That’s when the lift gate started to operate, and Njenga was pinned between the gate and the truck. He died from his injuries at Christiana Hospital.

He was subsequently removed from the scene by EMS and transported to the Christiana Hospital Trauma Center where he succumbed to his injuries.

The accident is still under investigation by State Police.


18 Responses to “Kenyan man crushed to death in accident at auto repair shop in Delaware”

  1. kingori said

    My condolences to you Njenga and family.

  2. Charlo said

    Prayers go out to the family. Nick was a good man!!!

  3. Muthua said

    May the Lord strengthen the family. Nick was wonderful

  4. Ken said

    Poleni sana

  5. Omwenga said

    Nick was a genleman and a kind hearted man who perfomed his mechanic work to the satisfaction of many.Mungu aweke roho yake mahali pema peponi.

  6. sokwemtu4 said

    Very sad indeed. The Good Lord comfort his family by His great love.

  7. Kate Fish said

    My heart aches for Nick and his family during this time. He was a remarkable person and his absence will be missed on this planet. Rest in peace Bro

  8. cherono said

    My condolences to the family relative and friends of Njenga.
    I am just curious as to whether this was a real accidental or a well orchestrated plan to get rid of this man? I am just wondering if the other employee started troubleshoot before making sure all is clear. I am suspicious coz I know of a case similar to this…where a successful kenyan engineer was schedule to relocate back home in a weeks time. About three days b4 departure “his friend” a mzungu asked him to come help him check out some mechanical issues he was having trouble with. When this guy went inside the machine to try and diagnose the problem, the friend who remained outside, initiated the machine crashing this guy into pieces…imagine the pain that victim experienced, wooi!…I’ve learned that not everyone is excited about our success especially here in the foreign land. So let’s all watch out and may God watch over us all.

    • Eric Munadda said

      go & F uself with ur curiosity…dont be writting ur damn ass shyt to air ur 2 cents of an opnion on such a tragedy..!!!!!!!! Damn as hell is what u r…!!!!!!!!

      • cherono said

        Thanks for your curse! My apologies if what I wrote offended you…you could have opted not to read it…however you did, and commented…thanks for your insults and for using such a filthy language which gives me a glimpse of what is going on in your empty brain!…it looks like YOU are already in hell yourself Mr. perfect! As a the side note, you can not tell me what to write and what not too…
        May God comfort the family!

      • jpumzi said

        Cherono you are too paranoid calm down

        this is a typical accident. if you are in the industrial sector there is a OSHA requirement called “lock out and tag out”. odds are this is a mechanical failure or failure to follow safety procedures. the jacks have pins similar to ladders and if you don’t lock them you are asking for it. the safety locks are very difficult and near impossible to overdrive as you claim happened or could happen.

        My prayers go to the family and friends of this hardworking gentleman. may you find comfort in the life he lived

      • cherono said

        I was just curious coz I could not put these pieces together but thanks. If your info’ had been added to this post, it would have made more sense to me. I don’t think there is any sin in being inquisitive on things we don’t understand.
        Will continue to pray for the family.

  9. Sam said

    In support of the family to take Nick home:
    Family and friends are meeting daily at Christ Celebration Center, 104 Carson Dr., Newark, DE 19701 from 6pm. There will be a Memorial Service on Saturday April 21, 2012 at New Life Worship Center located at 60 Fir Ave., Bear, DE 19701. Viewing starts at 3 pm and the Service at 4pm followed by a fundraiser.
    Donations can be deposited to:
    Bank of America
    Checking Account # 383010239957
    Routing # 031202084
    Checks made payable to: Ben Njenga
    For more information please contact;
    Patrick Njonjo: 610.585.6726
    Henry Njenga: 610.716.1464
    Michael Ndario: 302.563.2861
    Judy Kuria: 302.897.0960

  10. nelson said

    my prayers go to your family and friends. May the Lord give comfort to your family.

    Nelson, Dallas

  11. Nyambura said

    Condolence to the family.Very sad indeed.May you rest in peace Nick.You are in a better place.

  12. maggie said

    Very sad indeed,may Our Almighty God console the families,rest his soul in eternal peace

  13. Don Carlos said

    @Cherono, no foul play here. The other guy he was working with is his BLOOD brother, and he is traumatized. We in Delaware are real saddened. Its OK to be suspiciuos I agree with you, but this was an accident Just calm down bro and pray for the departed sol of Nicky. May his soul rest in Eternal Peace. We also pray for a safe journey HOME for all those travelling with Nicky. God gives and God takes, may His name be praised, Amen.

  14. muchiri wa maina said

    poleni sana.

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