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Kenyan woman sentenced to 21 years in roommate’s 2010 stabbing death

Posted by Administrator on April 16, 2012

Nancy Kimuthia who was sentenced to 21 years in jail for the 2010 stabbing death of Ruth Munene

Nancy Kimuthia who was sentenced to 21 years in jail for the 2010 stabbing death of Ruth Munene

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — A 42-year-old Birmingham woman accused of killing her roommate in 2010 by stabbing the woman more than 100 times today pleaded guilty to murder.

Nancy Kinuthia was sentenced to 21 years in prison, minus the the time she spent in the Jefferson County Jail awaiting trial, according to court records.

Kinuthia was charged with the death of 51-year-old Ruth Wawira Munene.

Officers forced their way into the apartment in the 200 block of 21st Avenue South on June 11, 2010, after friends called police when they were unable to reach Munene.

Kinuthia was arrested about a week later in Colbert County.

Munene cleaned houses and sent her money home to her family, including a 14-year-old daughter in Kenya.

Kinuthia cared for children as nanny or baby-sitter, police said. Both women attended Laborers in Christ Church, where there is a large Kenyan population.

In a hearing about a month after Kinuthia’s arrest, a Birmingham homicide detective testified Kinuthia told police she stabbed Munene with a large steak knife. That stabbing happened when Kithunia flew into a rage while talking about having being diagnosed HIV-positive, testimony showed.

Source: AL.COM

35 Responses to “Kenyan woman sentenced to 21 years in roommate’s 2010 stabbing death”

  1. Herb said

    Wakenya kweli tuna mabo!!!,one day we win a Marathon, next day,tunashikwa na madawa ya kulevya Phillipines, next tunauana ushenzini….we have all trades…

  2. jamy said

    @herb ur very true we kenyans nkt.and i end up asking my own self why .mungu tuhurumie

  3. kihoria said

    Twendeni Nyumbani…….!.Kwetu hakuna haya Mafrastrations.

    • Safi said

      Hata kama nyubani ni nyubani, kwetu Kenya wanaume wakisha staafu, wanawake zao (tamaabintamaa) huwauwa mambwana zao kwa sumu au wakola ili wabaki wakipoda mari au pension na wavurana dogodogo. Uriza wakazi wa Nakuru Town na watakuabia yakwaba wanaume matanjiri na wastaafu wamemarizwa vivyo hivyo. Eti mzee arikufa kwa ngafra – haya hee!!! Eti Mzee Wachira arikufa kwa ugojwa wa moyo ama uzee – washeni uogo akina mama! Eti aripigwa na wakora – si wewe mama Wendo ulimnunuria hao wakora! Eti baba Njeri arikuwa anawatoroka wakora na akaluka shini kutoka shuu – si wewe mama Njeri urimnunuria hao wakora? Eti baba Wanjiru ariigogwa na ngari – si wewe mamaWanjiru uritumana hiyo ngari na ndereva ndogondogo yako? Waurizeni wakazi wa Nakuru Town na watawaabia wamejionea mabo megi kweri!

  4. POKO said

    kikuyus giving us a bad name.

  5. Criminal Hater said

    What a justice? She will be out in five years to kill again!!!. Once a killer always a killer. She has already the tasted the blood and who knows how many other she will kill next time. She is a cold bitch. A bitch that has a gut to stab a roommate more a 100 times is a dangerous one. She will be a danger when she gets out of jail. Y’all in Birmingham should watch out once she gets out

    • cherono said

      True! Why would they even consider letting her out after 21 yrs? Such monsters need to rot in hell. Ending an innocent hardworking mother’s life who did not deserve such a painful death! kwani munene was the one who gave her the virus? I hope when/if they send her back home, Kenya will initiate its own sentencing. Normally I am against death penalty, but for this one…I hope Kenya will consider putting her to chair.

  6. POKO said

    you take kikuyus out of the streets where they peddle bodies for a living, allow them to come to the US on fake papers, what d’u expect?

    PEV 2007 shud have weeded out these ones. Just saying.

    • Oluchinjinux1972 said

      Poko…i think you are now crossing the line…remember your comments are very sensitive. Going but what is at the hague, i will think twice before writing what uve written here. Remember they can still track your ip address by subpoening the admin and webhost and weed you out! So be extra careful when it comes to PEV…(just a thought)

      • Wacheke said

        He has freedom of speech that is protected by the constitution. It’s not a crime to say what he is saying because he is entilted to his opinion. However, having said that, I think it’s fair to say that the man shows all signs of mental retardition. There is no point of arguing with him because people might not notice the diference.

      • Peaceful Kenyan said

        Wacheke, what Oluchi is saying is very true. Common courtesy and sensivity is important. You can express yourself without being insulting. As he is pointing fingers at others, does he realize that his language just perpetuates the hate. We have an election coming as we should all do what we can to be sensitive to one another and promote peace. Lets be a part of the solution and not cower behind our computer as we hurl insults.

      • Muthoni said

        Poko has a sick mind that need to be treated. We should all pray for him to heal. He is probably one of those that participated in killing Kikuyus after the disputed election. His hatred of Kikuyu people shows. He is jealousy of them because of his failures. One can tell he is a lazy person living on a welfare somewhere or stealing to survive. He can never appreciate the fact that majority of Kikuyu people are how they are because of being industries. He also cannot comprehend the fact that there are more landless and beggars in Kikuyuland than any where else in Kenya today.

    • Lary said

      U son of a bytch!!!.Your thoughts need to be washed with soap. Your retarded mind sucks.

      • Safi said

        Some of you are calling Poko: Insane, retarded, nongwe, sos, etc. What do you call Nancy Kinuthia, the killer. A saint?
        From the reactions, some of you seem to defend Nancy’s behavior (ver characterized by the above callings toward Poko) that led to her killing her roommate. What is the difference between you Poko’s self-making enemies and those that use the N-word in their circles, families and homes; yet when an outsider uses the same N-word they (akata) go crazy with F-rantings and legal, threats and legal suits?
        Please defend your own with wisdom and not foolish revenge and insults. As a matter of fact some of you sound more idiotic than Poko. And by the way: Some of you guys think Poko is a Pokomo by tribe. He is not! Poko is his nickname. He may be even a Kikuyu marauding as or pretending to be anti-Kikuyu trying to get on the nerves of anybody he comes across regardless of his tribal affiliations.
        Therefore, for God’s love, let’s stop “tribal shenanigans and imaginations”! Please let’s grow up and stop “tribal (verbal) clashes” in foreign lands! Remember: I know the Mau Mau fought for their tribal land and the Kapenguria Six fought for Kenya’s Independence and therefore for all Kenya. So let’s be civil like the Six Greats in our thinking instead of F-ranting as if we never went to school but came here on fake papers as Poko put it.

  7. Palyne said

    My fellow Kenyans, let us be sensitive when we post comments. Most of the comments posted reflect a people who are so divided. …God help us! Out talk reflect our thoughts, our thinking reflects our personality and feelings, our personality potrays who we are and mirrors us wherever we are! It does not matter who you are or where you are from. As people from one nation, we need to shun the culture of tribal differences and defy our leaders who preach peace but keep on dividing us.

    In the case of miss Munane, we may have felt that justice was not served as we would have wanted. The killer plead guilty which lightened her case. My thoughts go to Munane’s family, friends and those in Birmingham and as much as we feel like justice was curtailed (we would have wanted more than 21 Years), it is the law but we have a God who is just and I believe this lady will suffer the consequences of her cruel action. She will forever live with a curse of shedding an innocent woman’s blood. Let us hope that by the time she will be out, she will be a changed person for if not, the fear phobia will continue to live on.

    • Safi said

      First, I feel sorry for the Family of Wawira Munene. May her soul Rest In Peace.
      But second, I think it is paranoid or paranoia to mention ICC/Hague in this matter of one person Nancy Kinuthia who unfortunately acted in the heat of anger or passion. Thus, if it is talking about the ICC Hague, let’s mention the real beast of burden allegedly led to the killing of 4,000 Kenyans (not the cover-up 1,300) who died because of those who “meticulously planned to rig an election and mercilessly deal with who ever raised a finger.” I feel like the writer above (Poko) did not mean to be a threat to anybody – He was simply and metaphorically expressing his anger toward the killer, Nancy Kinuthia.

    • jpumzi said


      you should ask and promote respectful debate not unity that will lead to censorship. we need to argue and debate as long as we can keep it clean and respectful.

      Kenya is only 50 years old don’t forget that. the west is hundreds. these are growing pains. its ugly but its a mile stone. i anticipate the calmest elections ever

  8. roselyne said

    people should think before acting. nancy gambled with her life by taking another. i hope we all learn from this, especially now that we are so far from home.

  9. POKO said

    I am not here to make enemies, but to seek solutions to our brethren from central. Powerful people seek for solutions from within: not from religion and not by burying heads in the sand. That woman is no luhya.

    Who among you believe that this woman entered the US with the right papers?

    Do any of you realize that these twisted heads are part of the reason we kenyans in the US cannot bond? Women like this kikuyu killer has no conscience, now try telling her that we need to seek solutions to Kenya.

    But look around: all the weird churches with brawls: run by semi-literate kikuyus out for a quick back. We can pretend that we are united boolshiet or call the problem by its name:

    Kikuyus giving us a bad name. That city will know kenyans as deranged people.

    • Wamaitu said

      Poko suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder. I have a feeling that he is Kuyo

    • Mwenje said

      Actually, I think poko you are semi-literate or you have an IQ of seven year old. We think you are lazy that’s why you blame Kikuyus all the time because they got money and you don’t. You also seem to be a criminal that need to be bonded all the time and you are mad because of the reputation the woman has created for Kenyans. I also think you are a night runner and probably have had sex with chicken. How did you manage to go to America and I can’t. You don’t need to in USA. you probably used fake papers to get there. You seem to be an expert on that.

      • Wahu said

        Mwenje, you are right. I wouldn’t eat chicken at this man’s house. What you said maybe true about his sexual encounters with chicken. His mind set seem to fit the profile of people who engage in such activities. He is a sick man that need help. I hope he gets it soon before he goes back to Kenya to kill Kikuyus. He is not different than that murderer.

      • Kenya_is_for_Kenyans_not _Kikuyus... said

        Poko is very right… Kikuyu’s are giving us a bad name… look how the west treat blacks, or latinos for that matter.. look at cnn or any other news channel of late.. they only hire light skinned blacks or should i say fair skinned blacks….call it what you may want but i have to side with Poko.. Kikuyus are giving us a bad name…count how many times in the past six months of all the arrests made in the USA and you will find that most were perpetrated by kikuyus.. and if the Americans said that these Kenyans are too much and need to leave, what do you think will happen??? everyone will choose sides and all will say not all Kenyans are bad but get the ones that did the crime and send them packing then a list comes out and BAM the bulk of the names are Kikuyus .. so then what ? KIKUYUS ARE GIVING KENYANS A F—ING BAD NAME…

    • Omar said

      Poko, your articles and opinions, no matter how positive they appear, they’re buried by your loneliness, anger, resentment and obnoxiousness mentality. You’re just like a spoiled kid around the corner acting up to get attention. Your bad choice of words and behaviour got to do with your background. By the way how was your up-bringing? Were you abused as a kid or were you raised in a normal traditional family setting? Something is not adding up, who are you , where you come from, what kind of people/friends you interact with and the list goes on. Unfortunately, the administrator lets your nasty articles slide-by and the readers have to bear with your crap. Time to get a life and get some attitude adjustment.

  10. KENYAN said

    i cant believe some of the comments am readin.honestly guys.does anybody really know wat realy happened btwn nancy and munene so that u can pass judgement?none of us where their. all we know is hearsay from otha people.yes nancy killed someone n she is going to pay for that,but no one knows wat made her do it.no one was their wen it happened.so who r we to pass judgment upone her .we need to get our facts rite b4 we judge otha peoplei dont understand why kikuyus r being blamed for the bad things that r happening.it could b just bad luck that the latest incidents that have happened,have happened to kikuyus but that doesnt mean that otha kenyan tribes in the US have not found themselves in bad situations too.i dont mind oneself giving their opinions on such matters,but u need to be very careful with ur words coz u could cause haterad btwn people of different tribes.we have just started healing after the pev and now i see they r some people who have started hate speach on the net n yet they call themselves “kenyans”.u live in the us and u dont have to go thru wat the kenyan people would go thru if anotha pev were to happen due to small minded people preaching tribalism.STOP hate speach on the net, preach peace instead for that is wat we want in kenya for WE R ALL KENYANS..

  11. Precious said

    God will judge, Just feel sorry for Munene, RIP

  12. esily accessible said

    Kenyans we need to get back to God we have forgotten our roots we have really gone astray get all we need to remember is one thing that when we get to aforeign country we need to live like brothers and sisters by comforting consouling and lovivg one another.. By Nancy committing munder it does not mean militia are bad or are evil thank God for who you are the way you think and how you respond to your anger let it never be evil nor devilish when you anger is out of control let it not overwhelm you to any inhuman act………….

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