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Kenyan prison nurse in Vermont charged with sexually assaulting a female inmate

Posted by Administrator on April 18, 2012

Thomas Njuguna was accused of inappropraie behaviour with a female inmate

Thomas Njuguna was accused of inappropraie behaviour with a female inmate

SOUTH BURLINGTON — A former male nurse at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility is facing a criminal charge of sexual exploitation of an inmate, Vermont State Police said.

Thomas Njuguna, 36, of Colchester engaged in inappropriate behavior with a female inmate while Njuguna was acting in a medical profession, state police said. The contact with the female inmate was unwanted and unwarranted, Detective Lance Burnham said.

An investigation began in February into an alleged sexual assault complaint for an incident at the jail in November 2011. The complaint indicated that a female inmate had been inappropriately touched by a male nurse at the facility, police said.

Njuguna was arrested Tuesday and released on a citation ordering him to appear May 8, in Vermont Superior Court, police said.

Njuguna is no longer employed by the Vermont Department of Corrections, Burnham said. He said Njuguna resigned late last year on unrelated matters.

State police declined to release any information about the victim, including her age or hometown.

Source: Burlington Free Press

39 Responses to “Kenyan prison nurse in Vermont charged with sexually assaulting a female inmate”

  1. Kenya_is_for_Kenyans_not _Kikuyus... said

    Kikuyu’s are giving us a bad name… look how the west treat blacks, or latinos for that matter.. look at cnn or any other news channel of late.. they only hire light skinned blacks or should i say fair skinned blacks….call it what you may want but i have to side with Poko..and please Poko don’t hesitate to give your dollars worth of comments you earned them and this is a free country…. Kikuyus are giving us a bad name…count how many times in the past six months of all the arrests made in the USA and you will find that most were perpetrated by kikuyus.. and if the Americans said that these Kenyans are too much and need to leave, what do you think will happen??? everyone will choose sides and all will say not all Kenyans are bad but get the ones that did the crime and send them packing then a list comes out and BAM the bulk of the names are Kikuyus .. so then what ? KIKUYUS ARE GIVING KENYANS A F—ING BAD NAME

    • Safi said

      Without condoning what Thomas Njuguna is alleged to have done, I really feel sorry for him. I guess he was enticed and entrapped by the accuser. This kind of evil is perpetrated all the time by those who hate foreigners in this country.
      BUT: Your nickname Kenya_is_for_Kenyans_not _Kikuyus says it right! Why? Because the TRUTH (very few people know) is that the Mau Mau fought for their tribal land that had been taken or occupied by the British, and NOT for all of Kenya and its Independence. The people who fought for the whole of Kenya and its Independence were the educated KAPENGURIA SIX.

      • njinji said

        i agree safi with you to feel sorry for Thomas but for those who work as nurses our job is to check everyone everywhere so if he was checking her lungs and chest pain who knows what intimate said so people should play for him instead of jumping to conclusions we are all there to help each of us

    • Guledi said

      For your information Thomas Njuguna, despite his surname(Njuguna), is Kenyan by nationality but not a Kikuyu by tribe, so your tribalism card isn’t playing to your tune.

    • Maina said

      Kikuyus are everywhere in Kenya and they offer every service you can think of. It’s mostly likely you can’t make it in Kenya without their services. Since you can’t stand them and you have a deep hatred for them the best thing you can do for yourself is to get out of Kenya forever or to hang yourself. I suggest you hang yourself since they are also in every corner of the World and you will definely be needing their services wherever you go. Jambonewspot for instance is owned by a Kikuyu. You are using its services to write hateful and divisive threads against them. If you think Kikuyus are such evil people don’t write your threads in it then. Start your own website and you can write whatever you want in it.

      • Oluchinjinux1972 said

        @Maina…Dont be sooo worked up son, NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS, HOW COMES ALL TERRORISTS HAPPEN TO BE MUSLIM?? Food for thought…Could it be Kikuyus are associated with most negativities by virtue of their majority abroad?..i dont know….Anyhow tribalistic arguments wont take us anywhere. And whether who owns this site is a kikuyu or whatever is immaterial. It is time we should start viewing ourselves as Kenyan and not tribalistic goons!!

    • UglyBetty said

      why dispute facts, here sample these- all Kiks?!$&(%@


      …..in short; Copy and Paste…for those who dont know how a hyperlink works

      Rev 20:9 And they (kiks?) went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about…

      UK: Nigerian Man jailed for raping woman as she slept at house in Livingston
      UK: Dark-skinned Muslim rapist “Sunny Islam” raped at least 4 women
      UK: ‘Despicable’ Pakistani migrant police officer who raped girl, seven, is jailed
      UK: Woman raped by black as she slept next to boyfriend
      UK: Fijian-born submariner forced his way into a woman’s home to rape her
      UK: African migrant from Ghana charged with infecting two English women with HIV
      Black killers of British honeymoon couple avoid the death penalty
      UK: Charity carol concert attacked by Congo protesters
      UK: Black rapist attacked drunk woman while she slept
      UK: Congolese child rapist used ‘human rights’ to fight deportation
      UK: Black African wanted over Leeds alleyway rape named by police
      UK: Minicab driver Masood Ahmed guilty of ‘sickening’ rape
      UK: Black Nottingham school worker named ‘Mohammad’ jailed for raping girl, 13
      UK: Gorton rape: Police release e-fit of black suspect
      Will the white British population be in a minority in 2066?


    • john said

      What do you do for living ? just curious because you are a very sad guy full of hatred.

  2. moraa said

    pole: that is not kenya. in kenya you can do anything and you are left free as long as you have the dollars.


    • jojo said

      Ehe…..who was there. Did he rape her? Hata hakuna forensic evidence! Many of these allegations are not true but if its a black man chances r u r too doomed. ati alimgusa! Cmon! Bull**

  4. ura ura ura said


    • Wacheke said

      He uses the name Poko for most of his online threads. He is a retard that has an IQ of seven year old boy.

      • Safi said

        There you go again! Please, RETARDS are those who commit retarded crimes such as tribalism, hatred, stealing, murder, and rape; to mention just a few.

  5. cate kihika said

    peace maker.
    There is always other side of the story, whose know if this prisoner was after the nurse? pls don’t rush into judgement.whoever talking of the kikuyus wacha ukabila we are all kenyans it’s shows how bitter you are and in this case you will never move on change your attitude and look things in a different angle. THIS IS A NEW GENERATION.

  6. Kiptoo said

    I am amazed at how ignorant pornowatchingvillageteens who should be using the comp. to get enlightened
    rush to blogs to make uneducated ignorant statements just for the sake of of it.
    First Anyone who can state that Mau Mau didn’t fight for Kenya’s Independence is an Idiot that needs to get their facts Right,
    Ask the British and they will give you answers to that, no wonder we are cursed for we take lightly what every Black Man all over the world would never have enjoyed just a generation ago.
    Slavery, Colonialism, apartheid somebody somewhere had to fight, die, get castrated/ women were raped;- however minimal the contribution was and its an insult to educated Generation for an idiots just like the above to enjoy and be proud of being Black.
    If you wanna fight today; we have wahindis and Arabs who have enslaved and are enslaving Kenyans; dont insult the Kiks
    for shedding their blood for an Idiot like you, in your peanutbrain know that NOT all kiks fought for our Independence there were home-guards and their descendants are the super rich in kenya today!
    Secondly the accused has not been proven Guilty, Its an Allegation READ UNDERSTAND & THEN COMMENT!
    Living in US is no Joke as a blackman, we have to tread on a very thin line. Those who work in nursing profession are at a a disadvantage. I am at a Loss how an inmate who might in jail for we don’t know how long with no sex would be touched inappropriately, common sense dictates that while the nurse was just doing his job the sexually starved jailbird was imagining other things, wild and wishful thinking.

    • POKO said

      Kiptoo, u need to go back and study the true history of Kenya – the true history. Or ask a very old villager to tell you. The bullshiet choreographed by Kenyatta and a few others is not True. MAUMAU was a land rights outfit, not an Independence thing. Sorry to burst ur bubble. MAUMAU were actually crushed, and Kenyatta betrayed his co-fighters of independence, how? By paying off the british to leave, and then taking the very land the MAUMAU were fighting for. In essence, Kenyatta betrayed the MAUMAU. The kikuyus were fighting for their land, the same way the Nandis were led by Orkoiyot, the same Way the Bukusu were knuckling it out in Chetambe.The wanna and Maasai collaborated with mzungu, and the likes of the late Michuki helped mzungu harass MAUMAU.

      Mungiki are the true descendants of the MAUMAU: whiteman left their land, but instead of it being given to then, Kenyatta, Koinanges, Michukis decided it among themselves and sent them to RV, where the kalenjins were waiting for their land (mzungu atoke).

      Do you see the sins of our forefathers clearly?

      The BS that Kikuyus fought for independence is just that: Bullshiet. Each group shed its share of blood. But Kikuyu elders conned their own. On the other hand, at independence, the Likes of Masinde Muliro encouraged ordinary Luhyas to form groups and buy white settlements in Transnzoia, Oginga Odinga encouraged ordinary Luos to buy in Fort Tenan…..But Kenyatta took it all for himself.

      That is why we ended up with so many landless Kikuyus yet mzungu had left?

      What happened to their Land? Ask Kenyatta. Ok he is dead, but what about the chunks mama Ngina and Uhuru are selling off slowly.


  7. kihoria said

    Am a Kiuk and I tell you guys unless there is a Divine Salvation yaani Mungu aje Kutuokoa Mwenyewe we are going no where. The BEST THING let us go back Home and burry our shameful there.Kikuyu are standing nothing currently from churches, bussinesses,jobs name them everywhere bad reputations.

  8. Tshombe. said

    Most of the above comments portray a bitter and angry black man/woman amidst our society. Why do we’ve to hang onto the presumption of being guilty until proven innocent/guilty? Why do we tend to stick it up on Kikuyus or rather play the sad issue against each other? Why can’t we let all these negativity slide-by and let the facts roll-out at the right place and time? Back in the day our ancestors used to work-out these kind of issues in a smart way without any glitches. Nowadays, with the help of advanced networks/media, we’ve stopped using our brains to think and eyes to see, we got to understand issues/problems before we solve them or write all the crap about them problems.

  9. mhamishi said

    Ningepende kutoa maoni zangu; ya kwanza ni nchini marekani hamna haki ukiwa mwanaume umestakiwa na mwanmke. Huyu ndugu sasa ana kibarua nzito kukanusha hayo mashtaka kwa sababu sheria za marekani zimeegelea upande wa wanawake na watoto hata kama mwenye lawama ni mahabusu kama kisa hiki. Ndugu zangu wanaume, saa zingine ni afadhali kujipura kuliko kujiweka matatani ukitafuta uridhisho wa ngono. Ya pili ni onyo kwa wanaotoa maoni kwenye tovuti zinaowahusu wa-kenya kama hili ni kwamba tume ya kitaifa ya maridhiano (NCIC), idara ya ujasui (NSIS) na tume ya mawasiliano za Kenya zina nuku ‘IP address’. Basi mtu asiwe yuafikiria yuko salama na maoni yake hayachunguzwi.

    • Gachungwa said

      He said Njuguna resigned late last year on unrelated matters.
      An investigation began in February .
      a female inmate had been inappropriately touched by a male nurse at the facility
      Njuguna resigned late last year on unrelated matters.
      State police declined to release any information————————–I think I should Start practizing Law.
      this is chicken feed. The Story has lots of ??????

      • Oluchinjinux1972 said

        Gachungwa, you and me dont know what evidence they have. Usually prosecutors are very careful before they file any charges, and they do thorough research. They dont like to loose cases and file only kukiwa na ushahidi wa kutosha, thats why investigations took several months waone anayo mashtaka ya kujibu. So remember he is innocent until proven guilty by the court of law. But we cannot say he is NOT guilty by our own emotions and “commonsense” get it??

  10. cherono said

    Wooi, I hope this not true….That is why it is advisable for nurses and doctors to take along another health care professional with them especially when they are conducting assessments and physical examinations.That will rprevent improper practices and allegations like this.

  11. Maina said

    This is the scenerio. The woman is inmate in prison for some bad things she did. She want to get out but she can’t. A opportunity pops up when a foreign nurse is assigned to treat or examine her. She deceitfully flirts with him and the man confuse the flirting with sexual attraction. He responds by kissing and snuggling her. Her trick works. Later she accuses him of touching her inappropriately. She claim to have suffered emotionally as a result of the encounter and demands to be released or sentence reduced lest she sues the prison. What do you think happened?

    • Oluchinjinux1972 said

      Its not that easy as you think. I am in the legal profession. I can guarantee you in this case, where there is smoke, there is fire..

  12. Johana Wanjikru Thuku said

    Maina that was well said!! A criminal always has a criminal mind and will lure the weak and as for Njuguna he had a weakness of the flesh and that got him in trouble… Tribalism did not stir Njuguna’s feelings y’all so no need to hammer each other with that weapon for it’s not lethal enuff in this case. That said we can also flip the coin and say the lady made up the sitiuation to pave way for a pity party and Njuguna happens to be on the crossroads.

  13. POKO said

    Ok. I bash kyuks day and nite, but I hesitate on this one. why?

    Americans are a funny lot:

    If Njuguna tried to do his job better than them, they will set him up.

    If he was smarter than them, they will set him up.

    If he was a better person, they will set him up.

    I take any such accusations with a big pinch of salt. D’yoll know that 1 in every 4 Americans has no conscience? If they felt threatened by a bright Kenyan, they will lock him out.

    That is how twisted Americans are: U see it on TV, let us kick out the best so we keep idiocy ruling.

    Therefore, I ask yo’ll to support and pray for Njuguna. “Innapropriate is shady”

    • Oluchinjinux1972 said

      If you all know waamerika hawatupendi, all reasons to always watch your back and “cover yourself”. Set ups will always be there. Guys need to be smart and understand that all that glitters is not Gold and if it looks to good to be true it probably is…The bottom line: Be very careful on all matters of sexuality in United States with wanawake wazungu especially (not sure if huyu alikuwa which race) but madame young, wajungus ni wanaa sana and can set you up so easily. Never make a mistake of telling them you love them esp when u are married, alafu unakula vyombo nakutembea, she will set you up with your wife, or WORSE authorities…soo jamaa mjichunge…

      • UglyBetty said

        if you wanna be out of trouble don’t say you from kenya, you might be dealing with a teapartier! you remind them of O., its called taking Revenge!

    • Beddy. said

      Poko, thanks for being nice and honest, maybe for now.

  14. achira said

    kushika tu matiti?hata kama ni america mbona naona hila fulani hapo?Njuguna ni mkenya sio kikuyu.angshinda dhahabu tungegamba mbeleya runinga na kusema huyo ni mkenya ameshinda.na sasa hivi mbona twasema wakikuyu?shenzi type

  15. Juma. said

    I’m not Kikuyu and my question is..why do we have an obsession with bashing Kikuyus as if we don’t have enough skeletons hidden in our closets? A non kiuk Kenyan attempts to rape a 15yr old girl, A non Kiuk is given life sentence in the Philipines for drug pedaling and the list goes on…. Why don’t we simply admit that the society in general, and not a particular tribe, is in a mess? Anybody who has a problem with this should show me any Kenyan who’s spotless and as clean as Mother Theresa…just dare and show me one.

  16. shox said

    Let me chip in my two cents into this..First, You don’t choose to which tribe you are born, God does! Secondly, they are crazy people in every kindred, does not matter where you are from…Hey, walk two blocks from your house or watch news for two minutes… it will jog your memory . Stereotyping that all Kikuyus are bad that plain stupid! There is two sides to a story.. If one of us fall we should help him out. why did God have you born in Kenya? He could have made you a Japanese or somethin’ if he wanted to. If only people will Learn this! Its our a difference that makes us a colorful nation, but if you magnify our differences with hate then you will have division which produces Racism, tribalism, stereotyping….However if we celebrate our differences then we will get whole picture of amazing plan God had in mind for putting us all together. Its your differences that makes you valuable to others. A nation is not land or building , but its People!

    • Anyega. said

      There you go….tribalism,racism,alcoholism and all the ‘isms’ are learned vices and we unlearn them if we try.

    • POKO said

      Pretending that we are all like kikuyus is equally bad….why do we have a lack of conscience among Kikuyus? We do not wish to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that kikuyus are us….NO, THEY ARE NOT.

      • shox said

        Hey Men! I think all i said went right over your head. where did I say other people be like kikuyus? Read it again bud!

  17. mwangi said

    Ok Administrator this one is for you. How about a new approach, for every 1 negative messed up Kenyan case you report how about you have 2 for successful Kenyans anywhere in the world????!!! In this day and age it will not be hard to get real life case studies to report! Where are the Kenyan doctors, engineers, nurses, professors, it gurus, media personalities, musicians, writers, poets,!!! etc etc how about you inject a positive vibe in this habari za nyumbani and preach success and good stories! aka readers digest of kitambo!
    Lets reduce these kinda dirt! its chasing some of us away who really want “home news” get my drift? Does home news always have to be so negative?

  18. kema said


  19. kema said

    we need to get rid kenya of kikuyus .

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