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Kenyan dispatcher defends driver who took a wrong turn to Mexico while ferrying ammo

Posted by Administrator on April 20, 2012

Dennis Mekenye, a Kenyan dispatcher speaking to the media regarding the incident.

EL PASO, TEXAS — The boss of a truck driver caught with 268,000 rounds of ammunition in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, said Thursday that his employee took a wrong turn on his way to deliver what he insists was legal cargo bound for an Arizona dealer.

Dennis Mekenye, operations manager at Demco freight company in the Dallas suburb of Arlington, said Jabin Bogan, 27, made “a very honest mistake” when he took a wrong turn that eventually led him to Mexico on Tuesday. Mekenye said h has been in touch with U.S. law enforcement agencies and the U.S. consulate in Ciudad Juarez.

“We want this solved, that is why we have been so forthcoming with authorities,” he said.

ATF spokesman Tom Crowley said that agents in Juarez “are looking into the specifics of what happened” but declined further comment.

The truck’s tracking unit showed that it had entered into Mexico, and that is when Mekenye said he decided to call Bogan.

“We do not go into Mexico; our company is not licensed to go into Mexico,” Mekenye said. The driver told him over the phone that Mexican authorities had detained him and were going to inspect the cargo.

Mekenye said that Bogan informed him that after making two of his three stops in El Paso, Texas, he proceeded to drive to the third stop at company called Carefusion before heading to Phoenix, where the ammunition was to be delivered. But he took a wrong turn and found himself at the Bridge of The Americas, unable to make a U-Turn.

“He said a cop told him to go straight and then he could make a U-turn,” Mekenye told The Associated Press. He could not confirm whether the law enforcement officer Bogan talked to was from the U.S. or Mexico.

Delilah Dominguez at Carefusion said the company would not comment on whether there was cargo expected to be delivered by Demco Tuesday.

Howard Glaser, owner of United Nations Ammunition in Phoenix said the cargo was 18,000 units of 5.56 caliber bullets like those used for ar-15 assault rifles and 250,000 .308 caliber bullets. “They are saying these (the .308 rounds) are for AK-47 rifles but the brass casing is 12 millimeters longer, it will not fit in the chamber,” Glaser said.

“They are making a big political issue out of this,” he said.

Glaser said he bought these surplus rounds from Wideners, an ammunition distribution company in Tennessee and they were intended to be sold mostly online at his online store. There was no immediate comment from Wideners regarding this cargo.

The federal prosecutor’s office in northern Chihuahua state said Bogan is being held pending investigation on illegal weapons charges. Spokesman Angel Torres said the driver claimed he had no goods to declare. Torres said a gamma-ray inspection of the truck’s cargo compartment revealed the presence of metal canisters holding the ammunition. He says the bullets were hidden under pallets in the truck’s floor.

Two calibers of ammunition were found, which can be fired by AR-15 and AK-47 assault rifles, Mexican prosecutors said. Prosecutors said it was the largest seizure of ammunition in Ciudad Juarez in recent memory.

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Kenya Man in US seeks Sh2bn for exposing bank scam

Posted by Administrator on April 19, 2012



A Kenyan who fled to the US after exposing a multi-billion-shilling bank scandal is seeking Sh1.92 billion from the government for whistleblowing.The suit is filed in a US court by Mr Peter George Odhiambo through lawyers Thomas Kipkorir Kirui and Ian P. Alberg.

The suit states that Mr Odhiambo, who was hired by Charterhouse Bank in April 2003, had noted that several accounts were operated in violation of the Income Tax Act, the Economic Crimes Act, the Central Bank Act, the Banking Act and prudential regulations.

He said he came across accounts with suspiciously large transactions in “personal” savings accounts. These transactions were hidden from bank inspectors.

The suit further states that in May 2004, Mr Odhiambo came across a KRA information reward scheme advertised in local print and online newspapers.

The authority was to pay a reward amounting to one per cent of the undisclosed taxes identified up to a maximum of Sh100,000 as well as a reward of three per cent of the taxes collected.

He subsequently made copies of activity reports for more than 800 suspicious Charterhouse customer accounts and forwarded them to KRA.

The suit claims that the KRA did not act on the information and he subsequently forwarded the same to the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission and the Central Bank of Kenya.

In August 2004, Finance minister David Mwiraria and Ethics permanent secretary John Githongo constituted the Joint Task Force Investigating Economic Crimes by Charterhouse Bank and Related Companies.

The taskforce was to carry out investigations on the basis of information provided by Mr Odhiambo.

The taskforce reported its findings on November 30, 2004, and confirmed Mr Odhiambo’s information regarding undisclosed taxes by several of Charterhouse Bank customers.

Analysis of accounts

A full analysis of the bank’s accounts revealed that 604 of them evaded taxes with each avoiding to pay more than Sh10 million, adding to Sh21.1 billion.

The suit alleges that since Mr Odhiambo’s information had been proven to be correct, he became entitled to Sh100,000 for each account for an amount of Sh60.4 million as well as Sh1.26 billion of the amount that KRA collected on the basis of his information.

However, in a letter dated July 26, 2011, KRA acknowledged that they owed him but they included a cap of Sh1 million as reward for his role in the recovery of unassessed duties or taxes.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Man+seeks+Sh2bn+for+exposing+bank+scam/-/1056/1390074/-/trxcrv/-/index.html

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A Kenyan Man Jailed for 7 Years in the UK for Attempted Rape of a 15-Year-Old Girl

Posted by Administrator on April 19, 2012

An HIV-positive man who attempted to rape a 15-year-old girl has been jailed for seven years.

Karino Lekisolish, 38, was found guilty this week of sexually attacking the young girl as she wandered the streets of Royston after arguing with her father.

Lekisolish groped the teenager on September 19, 2010, and then a week later dragged the girl to a park and tried to rape her.

The Kenyan-born street cleaner was convicted by a jury at Southwark Crown Court of two counts of sexual assault and one count of attempted rape.

Judge Michael Bromley-Martin said: “She was a vulnerable young person when you attacked her.

“She was aged only 15 and her troubles led her to wander the streets of Royston at night.

“You realised that she was doing this and you took advantage of her and her situation for your own sexual gratification and what’s more you went on to attempt to rape her.”

Mr Bromley-Martin told Lekisolish, of South Road, Baldock, his sentence was set at seven years in jail because of the young age of his victim and because he knew he was suffering from HIV.

The court heard previously that Lekisolish had not managed to carry out his rape on the girl as, after the defendant tried to undress her and push her against a wall, the girl managed to pull out her mobile phone and turn on the screen’s light.

Isabelle Delamere, prosecuting, said: “This caused the defendant to panic, asking her who she had rung, and during this she was able to run away from him.”

Jurors had also heard how the girl would often wander the streets near her home following arguments with her dad, and that she did not report the first assault to police as she believed her attacker had “special needs.”

Lekisolish, who had pleaded not guilty to the offences and argued the young girl was making the allegations up for attention, was told his name would be placed on the sex offenders’ register for life and that he faces being deported back to Kenya at the end of his sentence.

Source: Cambridge News

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Have you seen her? Missing Person Report for Genevieve Linda Kiveu (Atix)- Azusa California

Posted by Administrator on April 19, 2012

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Kenyan prison nurse in Vermont charged with sexually assaulting a female inmate

Posted by Administrator on April 18, 2012

Thomas Njuguna was accused of inappropraie behaviour with a female inmate

Thomas Njuguna was accused of inappropraie behaviour with a female inmate

SOUTH BURLINGTON — A former male nurse at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility is facing a criminal charge of sexual exploitation of an inmate, Vermont State Police said.

Thomas Njuguna, 36, of Colchester engaged in inappropriate behavior with a female inmate while Njuguna was acting in a medical profession, state police said. The contact with the female inmate was unwanted and unwarranted, Detective Lance Burnham said.

An investigation began in February into an alleged sexual assault complaint for an incident at the jail in November 2011. The complaint indicated that a female inmate had been inappropriately touched by a male nurse at the facility, police said.

Njuguna was arrested Tuesday and released on a citation ordering him to appear May 8, in Vermont Superior Court, police said.

Njuguna is no longer employed by the Vermont Department of Corrections, Burnham said. He said Njuguna resigned late last year on unrelated matters.

State police declined to release any information about the victim, including her age or hometown.

Source: Burlington Free Press

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“Taharuki”: Couple Attempt To Expose Child Trafficking Post 07/08 Kenyan Election

Posted by Administrator on April 18, 2012

Written and directed by Ekwa Msangi-Omari (Weakness), the 12-minute film Taharuki (“Suspense”) traveled through the festival circuit last year and is now available on Amazon. Taharuki is produced by screenwriter and S&A reader/contrubutor Kia Barbee (Elmhurst Entertainment), Inna Braude, Njeri Micheu & Monika Greenleaf.

Taharuki/Suspense, which stars Miriam Chemmoss, Gilbert Owuor and Chris Kamau, is a fictional story set in the aftermath of the Kenyan 2007/2008 election violence, as a couple from different tripes working for an underground liberation movement attempt to expose a child-trafficking cartel.

Official synopsis:

Set against the backdrop of the start of the devastating post-election violence that took place in Kenya in 2007/2008 and has left tens of thousands of Kenyans homeless, traumatized or dead, Taharuki (Suspense) is the fictional account of a man and woman from opposing ethnic tribes who are working for an underground liberation movement to expose a child-trafficking cartel when something goes wrong, and they are forced to make tough choices in order to stay alive and complete their mission. Time is running out, lives are at stake, and every second counts. What they choose could change the course of history…

Watch the trailer below. You can order the film via Amazon HERE.

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British colonial files released following legal challenge

Posted by Administrator on April 18, 2012

Secret files from British colonial rule – once thought lost – have been released by the government, one year after they came to light in a High Court challenge to disclose them.

Some of the papers cover controversial episodes: the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya, the evacuation of the Chagos Islands, and the Malayan Emergency.

They also reveal efforts to destroy and reclassify sensitive files.

The Foreign Office says it is now releasing “every paper” it can.

But academics say the Foreign Office’s “failure” to deliver the archive for decades has created a “legacy of suspicion”.

In particular, the first batch of papers reveal:

  • Official fears that Nazis – pretending to catch butterflies – were plotting to invade East Africa in 1938
  • Detailed accounts of the policy of seizing livestock from Kenyans suspected of supporting Mau Mau rebels in the 1950s
  • Secret plans to deport a Greek Cypriot leader to the Seychelles despite launching talks with him to end a violent rebellion in Cyprus in 1955
  • Efforts to deport Chagos islanders from the British Indian Ocean Territories
  • Concerns over the “anti-American and anti-white” tendency of Kenyan students sent to study in the US in 1959 – the same year Barack Obama’s Kenyan father enrolled at university in Hawaii

In January 2011 – following a High Court case brought by four Kenyans involved in the Mau Mau rebellion – the government was forced to admit that 8,800 files had been secretly sent to Britain from colonies, prior to their independence.

It said the files had been held “irregularly”.

Professor David Anderson, an adviser to the Kenyans in the case and professor of African History at Oxford University, said progress had been made retrieving “the ‘lost’ British Empire archive”, but added there was still a “lurking culture of secrecy” within government.

“The British government did lie about this earlier on… this saga was both a colonial conspiracy and a bureaucratic bungle.”

He added that the release of the files would help “clear the air on Britain’s imperial past”.

‘Migrated’ files

The 1,200 records being released are the first of six tranches to be made public at the National Archives by November 2013.

They cover the period between the 1930s and 1970s and were physically transferred or “migrated” to the UK.

The archive contains official documents from the former territories of Aden, Anguilla, Bahamas, Basutoland (Lesotho), Bechuanaland (Botswana), British Indian Ocean Territories, Brunei, Cyprus, Kenya, Malaya, Sarawak and the Seychelles.

The archive released on Wednesday details how British colonial officials selected files for secret “migration” back to Britain – using criteria set out in a 1961 memo by the Secretary of State for the Colonies, Iain Macleod.

‘Burned and destroyed’

They were instructed to keep papers that might embarrass the UK government, other governments, the police, military forces or public servants; might compromise sources of intelligence; or might be used unethically by ministers of successive governments.

Officials in Kenya reclassified access to documents according to the reader’s ethnicity and descent in order to restrict material

According to Kenyan ministry of defence files from 1961, administrators devised new classifications, such as “Watch”, in order to withhold information from indigenous governments.

Files stamped with a “W” could only be viewed by a “British subject of European descent”, while “legacy” files could be passed on to subsequent administrations.

Other new classifications included Personal, Delicate Source, and Guard – which could “not be communicated to the Americans”.

The Kenyan files also contain references to material being destroyed.

One memo from April 1961 says: “To obviate a too laborious scrutiny of ‘dead’ files, emphasis is placed on destruction – a vast amount of paper in the Ministry of Defence secret registry and classified archives could be burnt without loss, and I should be surprised if the same does not apply to the CS’s (chief secretary’s) Office.”

Colonial files from the Malayan administration also point to the destruction of papers – ahead of the country’s independence in 1957.

In July 1956, an official writing to the private secretary to the British high commissioner questions what to do with archives relating to the Malayan Emergency – the 1948-1960 conflict with communist insurgents.

Referencing the “List C” papers, he writes: “I have been through them and it would seem that some contain items of historical interest in the event of anyone writing a history of the Emergency or biography of former high commissioners.

“The others should be dealt with in detail, but I have not time to do this. Would you agree to their disposal as suggested against individual files in the list?”

An appendix in the same file indicates that “List C” documents are to be “destroyed”.

Researchers who have studied the colonial archive say there is little reference to the alleged massacre of 24 unarmed rubber plantation workers by British troops at Batang Kali in December 1948 – during the Malayan Emergency.

‘Long overdue’

Tony Badger, professor of history at Cambridge University – who has been appointed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to review the files – said the government was releasing “every paper” it could, rather than merely “every paper of interest”.

However, he added the release was “long overdue”.

“Given the failure of the Foreign Office to acknowledge the existence of – and certainly the failure to manage the migrated archive until very recently, you can amply understand the legacy of suspicion amongst journalists and academics about these records”, he said.

He estimated that “well under 1% of material” had so far been held back from release.

A Foreign Office spokesperson said the foreign secretary was “pleased” with the release and “committed” to making the colonial archive “available to the general public as soon as possible”.

“These files are an important part of our history and by working with the National Archives we are ensuring that they can be accessed by current and future generations.”

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Kenyan woman sentenced to 21 years in roommate’s 2010 stabbing death

Posted by Administrator on April 16, 2012

Nancy Kimuthia who was sentenced to 21 years in jail for the 2010 stabbing death of Ruth Munene

Nancy Kimuthia who was sentenced to 21 years in jail for the 2010 stabbing death of Ruth Munene

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — A 42-year-old Birmingham woman accused of killing her roommate in 2010 by stabbing the woman more than 100 times today pleaded guilty to murder.

Nancy Kinuthia was sentenced to 21 years in prison, minus the the time she spent in the Jefferson County Jail awaiting trial, according to court records.

Kinuthia was charged with the death of 51-year-old Ruth Wawira Munene.

Officers forced their way into the apartment in the 200 block of 21st Avenue South on June 11, 2010, after friends called police when they were unable to reach Munene.

Kinuthia was arrested about a week later in Colbert County.

Munene cleaned houses and sent her money home to her family, including a 14-year-old daughter in Kenya.

Kinuthia cared for children as nanny or baby-sitter, police said. Both women attended Laborers in Christ Church, where there is a large Kenyan population.

In a hearing about a month after Kinuthia’s arrest, a Birmingham homicide detective testified Kinuthia told police she stabbed Munene with a large steak knife. That stabbing happened when Kithunia flew into a rage while talking about having being diagnosed HIV-positive, testimony showed.

Source: AL.COM

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The Kenya Diaspora Summit in Massachusetts and its Achievements-A colorful event

Posted by Administrator on April 16, 2012

The Kenya Diaspora Summit held over the weekend, organized and managed by Mrs. Comfort Munoru Mwangi of Florida, USA and Mr. Tegi Obanda of Ontario Canada, was a total success for all Kenyans in the Diaspora, it is a pride and an achievement for all Kenyans living abroad.

The wonderful and colorful meeting was attended by among others, Hon. Dr. Richard Onyonka the assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Deputy Chairlady IEBC Ms. Lillian Mahiri Zaja, Constitutional Lawyer Njonjo Mue and Dr. Richard Leakey.

For the first time since the adoption of the new constitution, the Deputy Chairlady of the IEBC Ms. Lillian Mahiri Zaja, confirmed to audience who came from all the corners of the USA, that there were no more doubts that Kenyans in the Diaspora will vote during the next elections. She said that the Kenya Government was now working on the modalities to ensure that those goals were achieved. It was a relief to many Kenyans living abroad who were worried they would not participate in the next elections. When she was asked which candidates Kenyans in the Diaspora will be legible to vote for, she said that only the Presidential position will be available for vote in the Diaspora.

In answer to where the voting will take place and who will be involved with the tallying
and counting of the votes, she amused the audience when she said that the Kenya Government will make sure that there will be enough polling stations in the Diaspora for all the Kenyans willing to vote and at the same time the Kenya Government will request all the registered political parties willing to participate in the Diaspora Voting, to send their agents on time to different polling stations in the Diaspora to make sure they witness the voting and the counting of votes during the voting process.

Dr. Richard Onyonka surprised the audience with information that the Kenya Government was contemplating to introduce a new Ministry for Kenyans living abroad. He said that the current remittances of Kenyans in the Diaspora to Kenya, superseded that of three or more ministries combined, and therefore necessitating the formation of the new Ministry. All Kenyans in attended were in agreement and in total support of the new idea.

Dr. Leakey emphasized on the urgent need for the Kenyans in the Diaspora, to shun tribalism so that the Nation of Kenya can benefit politically and economically from the intellect and skills they have already acquired abroad.

What made the meeting even more lively, was the transparency depicted by the team from Kenya. Everyone in the meeting looked jovial and confident. Kenyans had come from as far as Florida, Canada, New Jersey, Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Europe and many other areas.

But what disappointed everyone who attended the meeting was the absence of the Kenya Ambassador to the USA or a representative from the Embassy at the summit. Those in attendance challenged the organizers of the Summit to provide an explanation to the audience why the Ambassador was not in the meeting or why there was no representative from the Kenyan Embassy present at the meeting. The organizers explained to the audience that they had written a letter to the Ambassador two months earlier and had also called the office of the Ambassador to inform the office that important Kenyans who included the Assistant Minister and the deputy Chairlady of the IEBC had confirmed their attendance. Unless the Ambassador provides to Kenyans in the Diaspora a convincing reason, why he would not attend the Summit and why he would not send a representative from the Embassy to such an important Summit intended to discuss important issues concerning our Nation, those who attended the Summit will seek for an explanation from the Kenya Government back home why we warrant such a behavior from the Kenya Ambassador. Such behavior may be construed to mean an insult to both the offices of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the IEBC and lack of concern of what affects Kenyans in the Diaspora.

Isaac Kinnity

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Kenyan man crushed to death in accident at auto repair shop in Delaware

Posted by Administrator on April 16, 2012

A Kenyan man is dead and State Police are investigating after an accident at a repair shop in Newark.

Troopers say around 9:30 Friday night, 31-year-old Nicholas Njenga of Middletown and another employee at Savanna Auto Care were working on the hydraulic lift gate of a company truck.

Troopers say Njenga was on the lift gate when the other employee went under the truck to do some troubleshooting. That’s when the lift gate started to operate, and Njenga was pinned between the gate and the truck. He died from his injuries at Christiana Hospital.

He was subsequently removed from the scene by EMS and transported to the Christiana Hospital Trauma Center where he succumbed to his injuries.

The accident is still under investigation by State Police.

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