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Residents turn gardens into altar of immorality

Posted by Administrator on February 24, 2011

It was disgrace for residents of Kakamega Town after pictures of couples making it out at a recreational ground were made public.

A wild uproar hit the town after explicit pictures taken at the historical Muliro Gardens were circulated on the Internet.

Religious leaders from Western Province also condemned Muliro obscenities at Gardens, calling on the Government to take action.

Bishops Simon Oketch (ACK, Maseno North Diocese) and Titus Khamala said the images painted Kakamega negatively.

“People now think sex in public places is what residents of Kakamega do to pass time,” said Rev Khamala.;

Rev Oketch said the municipal council and the police should put in place measures to stop such acts from happening.

“We are not going to sit back and watch such things happen. It is disgusting and totally unacceptable,” he said.

Separately, local civic leaders pledged to push for council askaris to be deployed at the gardens.

Clearly visible

“We were equally shocked when we saw the pictures on the Internet. What makes matters worse is that the acts happened only a few metres from municipal council offices,” said Councillor Joe Serenge.


The councillors, who visited The Standard offices in Kakamega to issue a statement, called on the police to arrest the culprits.

“Our colleagues in other councils are wondering what has become of Kakamega,” said councillor Christopher Likolokoli.

”]Residents of Kakamega Town have accused the Government of neglecting Muliro Gardens. Some people have turned the national monument into a theatre of immorality. [PHOTO: BENJAMIN SAKWA/STANDARD]“Since their faces are clearly visible, the police should move in and arrest them,” added Mr Serenge.

Muliro Gardens, a gazetted national monument under the National Museums of Kenya, appeared to have a new function.

Several pictures of couples having sex on a bamboo bench at the gardens were circulated on the Internet, to the disbelief of many residents.

However, a worker at the garden who sought anonymity said the pictures were nothing new to him.

“These acts happen here all the time. It is only that the matter has now been made public,” he said.

Khamala regretted that Kakamega now looks like a destination for immoral activities following the postings on the Internet.

“Muliro Gardens is a place to rest, a meeting place or a place to hold rallies. It is not a place for immoral activities like what we are seeing on the Internet,” he said.

In one of the images, two police officers are seen talking to a couple whom they caught pants down.

Kakamega OCPD Joseph Omijah said he was unaware of the pornographic images, but promised to investigate the matter.

He vowed to take action against any officer who could have put up with the immorality.

“I am not aware if there have been any arrests made to that effect,” he added.


16 Responses to “Residents turn gardens into altar of immorality”

  1. Mak'Odinga said

    Wewe editor…hizi picha hapa. Just thought guys will be interested. Aibu ndogo ndogo.


    • mimi said

      Enyewe aibu ndogo ndogo…my guess is, all those are mipango ya kando/chips funga.Some are even doing it on work attire..shame!

    • Pennie said

      OMG, watu wa kakamega! haiyaye? kwani wot happened to motel rooms? Gaatho! I’m in shock!

    • Mary said

      In this era of technology..pple need to be very careful. Hao ni mabibi, mabwana, wamama na watoto wa watu. What shame did they bring to their famos?……and that mano who has his business hanging up in the air……..uuuuuuuuiiiiiiiii

      • Godfrey said

        Those photos are posed. It’s hard to imagine the average Kenyan woman agreeing to such positions. Secondly, the photos appear to have been taken at only one bench. Third, the photos were taken at about the same time, same day (you can tell from the lighting). Those scenes look like they were made for the camera.

      • Palm Pilot Aluoch said

        Godfrey, umm since you have done a study on the sexual preferences of ALL Kenyan women what position would the average Kenyan woman agree to?

      • Pennie said

        lol Palm. 🙂

      • Godfrey said

        I haven’t done any study, but I wouldn’t mind doing one :-). The point I was making is that those photos look like they were posed by porn stars.

      • Godfrey said

        Just look at Pic no. 4. Does that look like something a woman of that age could do in public?

      • Pennie said

        @ Godfrey…from wot i hear, that style is called masinde special in kakamega…so yes! (does that ansa ur question?) if not, enda kakamega uulize masinde special…only u can’t have it in the park anymore!

  2. david ochienng said

    Its a shame brothers and sisters.Why dont we have some disency in ourselves.Even if we do it,lets have some privacy.

  3. liz said

    their is nothing lyk masinde special,am a serious resident here and ive not heard of such so penny plz.but pic no 4 the woman is mtumba sales lady in kakamega,its not paused by porn stars pple involed a few r familiar to kak residents.Dont mock why dot we pray and ask Gods deliverance upon the church and the pple.AMEN

    • Pennie said

      Liz, well, i said i “heard”, n it is someone who lives in kakamega who said it. so, sema haujasikia abt it, whether it exists or not doesn’t make a difference to me.

  4. sakula Muchwangi said

    Godrefy has a point here. I think all this were staged and every individual on those pics knew what was going on. My two cents contribution from my beloved western province….i love it to death despite the above scandal!!

  5. Aleks M. M said

    Convene a cleansing session to the garden, shame on the culprits!

  6. ogms said

    lets not tribalise this sort of insanity for the turn to inhumane.

    jokes aside, assume pic 4 was ur mum, how would u feel,advise?

    wakina mama why do u go this far, we realy strive to give u 50-50
    but if it means the freedom to immorality…………..NO, NO, NO.


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